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for In Pursuit Of Magic: A Self-Insert

10/17 c15 1n0mster
Your rendition of Quirrel continues to be the most interesting one I've seen, most gloss over him or make him an inept secondary villain, but yours is the first that genuinely feels competent and dangerous.
10/17 c15 ratpoisonn
Um, i forgot why did he befriend the main cast but it seems pretty pointless to me considering his goals
10/17 c2 Ghost Claw 001
man, to be a child on hogwarts and hate pumpkin juice?
10/17 c1 medmedo
he snorts too much I hope his ambiguous form is a pig
or stop making him snorting every other paragraph
thank you
10/17 c1 Ghost Claw 001
A nice first chapter
10/17 c15 12Sultan Asil Arslan-Hiatus
I think he really should get a life outside of Magic. I know that it’s in the title but we all saw what happened with what if Dr Strange. Obsessions never end well.
10/17 c15 shivag2000
Very entertaining.

Thank you for writing.

By the way why does Adam oblivious about what strong blood means ?
Most probably it will be Harry , Voldemort , Black or some other person with old blood ?
Or are you planning on throwing us a googly dear author ?

10/17 c15 frankieu
nice chapter thx for writing it
do hope the whole angst i want to return is just a fase all the self doubt is abit meh
will be fun to see what dumbles will want of the mc hope quirrel will slip up and give the mc a chanse to take him out
10/17 c15 Martin-di-Arcov
ah the classic "you are not in trouble, but..." used frequently by teachers and headmasters everywhere
hope the mc sorts his shit out soon enough
dont want him turning emo before being an actual teenager
10/17 c15 PasiveNox
nice chapter
10/16 c15 Konahrik10
Yay! An update!
(Does a happy little dance to celebrate)
10/16 c15 Kminari
I think he is making dangerous assumptions, he is assuming that what happened in the books/movies is real, or what Dumbledore told Harry is the truth, the books are from the perspective of Harry, so they are biased and don't offer all the details.
That the Philosopher's Stone was destroyed, that it was the real Philosopher's Stone and not a dummy (planted by Dumbledor or Flamel with or without the other knowing)... they are dangerous assumptions.
10/16 c15 ikusatsunagi
Thx for another great chapter
10/16 c15 4TheLaughingMan1
Voldemort may have observed something about our dear Mr. Clark that even he himself is ignorant of. Perhaps it's my imagination, but I sense something almost Aizen-like about hi m.
10/16 c15 1mataeae123
the amount of indifference of the MC with the possible death of children is bothering me. As much as I love the fact that he's not ignoring the body theft situation, it's really annoying to see that he's got his head in his butt to enjoy his new life. Does he want to come back? ok, but how? if there is harry potter, then there is a multiverse and omniverae. Which means he'll have to get out of Harry Potter's multiverse, find his multiverse and find the right universe, apart from the different timelines, paradoxes and possible enemies. The way he's acting seems pretty desperate, which is understandable, but I really hope the author is planning a character development, because the way he's doing it, it looks like some friend of his is going to have to die for the MC to notice the what an idiot he is being.
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