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for In Pursuit Of Magic: A Self-Insert

10/16 c15 HaganeNoTenshi15
It felt a little awkward. I get it that he is having doubts about himself and all that, but it feels like he is just saying fit and been just there so that everyone else "push him" into doing something so he can whine about it later. I'm really hoping to see how this will continue...
10/16 c15 Brocole07
good chapter keep up the good work
10/16 c15 Tony McNucklz
I'm thoroughly forgetting anything in this story that foreshadowed a chat with Dumbledore. The ROR can't be it, if it was the castle reporting shit doubtless it would have noted the horcruxes, at least the one cursijng the school, and the basalisk, and other terrible things.
10/16 c15 1SlothfulGenius312
Roll credits
10/16 c15 Acetroyz
Niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee chapter
10/11 c14 humbabi
omg this is too awesome!
10/9 c14 Guest
It's 2 in the morning... could not stop reading... and there's no more?!
10/10 c9 Alexel
Great chapter! I'm really enjoying this story so far.

I've just realized that pseudo-mentor Quirrelmort might be my new favorite trope. The just something about that mix of dread and unpredictability that is really interesting. Can't wait to see how it will end!
10/9 c14 3grovepjp
10/9 c14 7Slayer76
Ah, the age old 'Nothing will get in my way.' Primary villain line and cause of numerous falls from grace.
10/8 c7 Dayside
I can't fucking stand this MC. You're way over dramatizing his cowardess I suppose.
10/8 c6 Dayside
He needs some fucking calming drought. This dude is ADHD as fuck. He's constantly jumping from one thing to another like electricity.
10/8 c5 Dayside
He should of just slit his throat with a butter knife. Much easier. Permanent, too.
10/8 c4 Dayside
lol, just kill the kid. It's not rocket science. He'll turn out to be a piece of shit anyway, well, more of a piece of shit.
10/7 c14 1albert87
Its a Nice story to read. It flows well and has some fun insights. I hope you will get to finish it
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