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for In Pursuit Of Magic: A Self-Insert

3/11/2020 c3 Inritus
I would say mix muggles knowledge into his magic, he could accomplish much more in my opinion. Granted if you want to ignore muggle knowledge you can lol, but I believe him knowing physic, astrology, chemistry (Biochem could be fun), biology, and the other wonderful shit we figured out because while the Wizards and Witchs have magic the can completely rewite shit, his knowledge of even the periodic table would be highly beneficial. After all transfigure a the ground underneath a opponent into "VERY LITTLE" Cesium
Also have you thought about having him carry a gun? Seems like it could be useful especially if there's a few charms on it.
3/11/2020 c2 Inritus
I'm really enjoying his character, a little sad about him not wanting to interact with others but it's understandable as well. In every game that allows me to be a Magic user I'm always a magic user lol, and I have a... shell we say unhealthy obsession on any game that I'm playing lore if it has magic in it XD.

As for his worries about how his body could react to the opposite sex at his age level all I have to say is don't worry too much about it, yes he's a adult mentally but his body isn't. Just... watch out for it.
3/9/2020 c3 1zubhanwc3
I'm liking the story so far. you're similar to me in that you would focus on your stuff, and try not to tangle with the plot, but I really do hope that you befriend Luna. in any case, can't wait to see you abuse the room of requirement. maybe try to get a permanent passageway to your room that only you can enter? check for a time turner? ask for specific information and get the necessary book? so many options, and if you decide to forgo the time turner, or even if you use it, what about a time dilation setting?
3/9/2020 c2 zubhanwc3
while this is not going to be a fix it fic... the plot would still be an annoyance in both year 5 and 7. by that point, your character should be relatively well off, and powerful, so are you going to do something to deal with the obstacles in the way? like neutering the walking toad, and what about the war in the seventh year? if it was me, I would start becoming a factor in the 5th year, having used by foreknowledge to secure my safety and get myself ahead, while I take care of annoyances, like the toad, and maybe even killing off the inhabitants of Azkaban in year 5 to minimize voldy's army so that the war doesn't get out of hand. maybe even remove a few horcruxes to hurt the rabid terrorist who will likely try to kill you for being a muggleborn, all with minimum interactions. I would despise being forced to leave, unless I feel like I have nothing left to do in England
3/1/2020 c3 1huongdaoroma
Agh I hope you update soon! I really like this version of HP XD
3/1/2020 c3 shugokage
Great job on this interesting story idea and start!
3/1/2020 c3 TheDragon2000
I like this it feels like it was inspired by the bigger picture and that is atm my favourite ongoing fic. I look forward to what your take on magical theory will be!
2/29/2020 c3 Guest
The animagus thing is probably possible if you actually use your soul to think.
2/29/2020 c3 doraemax
I hope Clarke will not go the Raistlin route...to the end. I mean, I look forward to him learning and discovering...in short being a true wizard (scholars and nerds, the bunch of them, haha). But Raistlin developed some major ego at the end there.
2/29/2020 c3 Doctor Dandy
Harry Potter is a very unimpressive wizard. Hopefully your character can extinguish this undeserved hero worship.
2/29/2020 c3 4Servant Ambrosius
so far i really like the story, the only problem i have with it right now is that there are some instances where you come off as bashing wizarding culture. I like to think that wizards have a legitimate reason for doing things how they do it and not because they are stupid. Jk never fleshed out their culture or how magic works. Also Harry and his friends never really tried to understand wizarding culture they just dismiss what they didn't like without looking into why it's like that. A lot of fanfics also bash wizarding culture without fleshing it out and I've reads some really good fanfics that fleshed out wizarding culture well my favorite was the Sarcasm and Slytherin series
2/29/2020 c3 HabeFan
I admire purely academic goals. especially choosing sides is dangerous. but not having any connection with people is also sticking out which is not his intention. Also some magics usually use emotions as a fuel if their is no emotional attachment it would be a little hard to do those spells especially like Patronamus spell.
2/29/2020 c3 zeppy1591
Great story so far, looking forward to reading more about Clarke's exploration of magic
2/29/2020 c3 Dinosaur dinner
Just accidently bought your book reeeeeeee
2/29/2020 c3 alexantony471
another chapter nicely done.
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