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3/20/2020 c18 Illse
I love it
3/8/2020 c17 Illse
Oh I cant wait for hanks reaction next chapter it can be good or bad I'm happy Tommy is with us aunt now
3/6/2020 c16 Illse
That's so good I love it I cant wait for the next chapter
3/1/2020 c14 Illse
That was good I' jay is opening up to Erin about what he is feeling
2/28/2020 c13 Illse
That was so good
2/25/2020 c11 Illse
That was so good
2/25/2020 c10 Illse
Well I'm glad jay knows now that erin is pregnant I cant wait for the next chapter
2/24/2020 c9 Illse
Sonis erin pregnant or what I really hope jay will react better with Erin's help
2/21/2020 c7 SulliMacintosh
Wow! This is getting really good. You’re posting like crazy I love it.
2/23/2020 c8 1SoFeelingTheLove
This is so scary. Poor Jay, he must be feeling so lost. I loved Erin’s speech about being there for him no matter what. I’m curious to see what happens next..
2/20/2020 c6 3roganjalex
So good
2/19/2020 c5 16pdslinsteadfics
OH MY GOSH! So much that I'm holding my breath on. The cliffhangers, the suspense, SO GOOD! Thank you for sharing!
2/17/2020 c3 SulliMacintosh
And you brought us another update. Loved it so so much. What a beautifully written scene with Hank and Erin. Camille is an interesting character I truly wonder what she would have been like.
2/19/2020 c5 42breakingbethany
Oh my god this story is wild! I can’t wait for more!
2/17/2020 c2 SulliMacintosh
Uhhhhh this is so beautiful. I love the start of this. This feels like true essence Linstead. I’m glad you are explore this side of Jay more. CPD isn’t doing a lot of his character not a lot with any character if you ask me. That’s why I love Erin so much. They gave us the most of her and maybe that’s why it’s not the same watching the show. Thanks for starting this new fic. Can’t wait to see what it evolves into.
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