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for Harry's Christmas Wish

10/19 c22 libbyxox1
10/15 c22 2adafrog
Very good, thanks.
10/10 c10 potterpalspranks
The press is the Fourth Estate not the 5th, unless Witches and Wizards have a different 4th Estate I am unaware of. Also that implies there is a Third Estate (clergy) in their world as well with power at a similar level as the aristocracy, that is something for me to think about I suppose. Otherwise interesting story so far. Excited to see where it goes.
10/10 c22 bkerrmom1
Absolutely magnificent story! I loved everything you wrote!
10/7 c22 LtsHrIt4ThBoyz
THANK YOU! Harmony all the way! ;D

Great story! My only complaint was there was *WAY* too much forgiveness going on! Sorry, not sorry, when someone acts in an immoral, selfish, and self-serving manner then that person gets *banished*/*shunned*, not welcomed back into the 'fold' with no payback or repercussions!

I wouldn't have allowed Molly, or Ginny, or Narcissa, or Mad-Eye, or Daphne or her parents, or Kingsley anywhere *near* me or mine for the rest of my life!

Forgiveness without repentance or restitution *doesn't* *teach*!

Psychologists agree that there really isn't any kind of treatment or rehabilitation for sociopaths, psychopaths, or pedophiles. I happen to agree and that all we can do is make it so they can't ever harm society or innocents ever again!

I'm one of those who is all for the *permanent* type of "separations".

Thanks so much for sharing your talents with us! I saw that you've posted a new story and I'll be reading it after I read your "HP and the Order of Merlin"!
Take care!
P.S. I don't know if I'm a HPff writer's best reviewer or worst nightmare ;D! All I do know is that I can't help but comment on what I read! I hope that my commentary makes you want to continue helping *me* with my "addiction" to good HPff! ;D
10/7 c21 LtsHrIt4ThBoyz
Oops, forgot about Lupin! He's just a sheep in werewolf's clothing!

I hope Hadrian's still a Mage!

10/7 c20 LtsHrIt4ThBoyz
So, the old basturd made a whore's crotch (a crux is where two elements cross, join, or meet to form a "V" or a crux as in "the crux of the matter". Where a tree limb meets the trunk is called a "crotch" as does the lower limbs in anatomy forming an inverted "V".), did he?

Common purpose makes strange bedfellows, so, I'd say the deranged conspirators are Molly & Ginny Weasel (they think they'll get Harry to marry Gingivitis and make her "Lady Potter". They're also Dumdum's sycophantic puppets.), Diggle (puppet), Narcissa & Ogden (Pureblood supremacists), Kingsley (puppet), Mad-Eye (puppet?), Greengrass (PS), Severus (Spy? He brewed the potion, but he's also sworn an oath to protect Hadrian.) So, some want him dead because Stumblebore 1) still thinks he's a Horcrux, 2) AD's deluded and thinks he still has to kill an already dead Moldywarts, 3) AD can't have anyone who might as, if not *more* powerful than him, 4) Dumbasf*** is a closet supremacist, 5) AD's "greater good" is whatever the 'greatest good' is for *AD*, and 6) AD *really was* in cahoots with Grindlewald and wants to rule over the magical and non-magical worlds!

And the other few are delusional and refuse to recognize how much better and more prosperous Magical Britain is since they started bringing muggle-borns and half-bloods in and keeping them in the magical world, so they want to bring back the "good old days" of killing off muggles and killing or enslaving muggle-borns.

Molly & Ginny are just simply delusional!

Arcturus already has it set up so that Hadrian *can't* be forced to marry or betroth *anyone* without being tested for spells, hexes, charms, mind magic, or potions, so that's a non-problem, but though Hadrian can fight off the imperious curse, he has shown that he's susceptible to the forgetfulness, confundus, and other mind-altering potions.

This was a well-designed plan to get Hadrian there, but the goals of the group are a mish-mash of poorly-planned shortsightedness: No one's going to believe that Hadrian just suddenly changed after being kidnapped! Are they really this stupid?

Well, let's go see just how retarded they're going to get!

10/7 c11 LtsHrIt4ThBoyz
Well, crap! I thought the Greengrass chit was being a little pushy sort of like Pansy is with Draco... then Hadrian... and now back to Draco; even though everyone *knows* that Draco is betrothed to Astoria, but Hadrian's too young to notice Daphne's behavior because he sees her as a friend.

But Hermione is different: He sees someone who, like him, tries to do the right thing without manipulation or guile, but unlike him, wears her heart on her sleeve.

It was said earlier, that *all* house-elves are devoted to Hadrian and most purebloods treat them like they're a piece of furniture; useful while being needed but otherwise ignored, so I'm hopeful that some elf has overheard the Greengrass machinations and will get word to the Black's or their elves to stop the plot!

One thing is for sure, Hadrian's going to be devastated and I fear it's going to seriously impair his ability to trust going forward. :(

Poor Neville! I've always had a problem with Augusta Longbottom; though I enjoy seeing her "redeemed" in HPff stories, I thought she needed to be strangled in canon! Here, it would seem, she's enjoying playing "Lady of the Manor" and would be just as happy to see Neville dead which is really bizarre! As, if Neville were to die and Frank and Alice were to never recover and also die before the elder Mrs. Longbottom, the Longbottom Lordship and estate would go dormant upon her death! She only *married into* family and without an heir apparent, the estate would go into lockdown and/or cease to exist!

Even if Neville were a "squib" -which we know he's not!- it would be more than likely for him to beget magical children who could inherit the title and continue the family!

What is her 'game'? Did she actually marry into the family for the prestige but secretly work for its destruction?

What kind of sick, twisted b-word is it who despises her own grandchild and *vocally* wishes for his death?!

Please, expose and dispose of her *soon*? I really hate to see Neville so degraded and abused, and I *really* hate seeing his treatment treated so cavalierly! It puts me too much in mind of "Rowling's" BS and how she treated child abuse and bullying so casually and cavalierly!

Did you know that there used to be "Standards and Practices" for Children's Lit for publishers? Those tenets said that child abuse and neglect could be used in a story and/or book, but that it could *not* go beyond 2/3rds of the story and that an author *had* to depict caring adults stepping in to provide relief and succor to the child before the end! *That's* why Rowling got turned down by every single *reputable* Children's books publisher prior to Bloomsbury!

Bloomsbury chose to snub those S&P tenets and publish anyway! Those rules were put in place to *protect* children and I must say that had *I*, a survivor of an abusive alcoholic home read these books as a child, I might have tried *harder* to do away with myself!

I read "Jane Eyre", "Thursday's Child", and "Tom Brown's School Days"; those books depicted child abuse, neglect, and bullying BUT they also offered HOPE as these abused children found sanctuary and caring adults who took them in or at least relieved their suffering and showed them that someone cared about them! Rowling's books *take away* hope and OVERTLY plants the idea that "adults are not to be trusted" which *is* the agenda; with a side helping of "You must obey and look to those in authority" even if they're *not* to be trusted!

"Rowling's" world is a horrible place to live in: There are apparently *no* child welfare laws or caring adults in either the magical or non-magical worlds; no oversight and no sanctuary. Sad, so very sad!

Thanks for another great chapter.
See ya soon!
10/7 c10 LtsHrIt4ThBoyz
Wow! I thought your other story, "Child of Prophecy" was excellent and a delight to read, but this! This story is *amazing*! It may have had seeds from other authors you've graciously acknowledged, but it's growing into something entirely new and different!

What a pleasure to find another HPff author to admire and follow!

I know you've made your "obeisance" to Rowling at the beginning of this story, but allow me to say that as someone who's been a dedicated Fantasy & Sci-Fi biblioholic for 55 of my nearly 60 years, Rowling couldn't be a pimple on the arse of *any* of my favorite authors or 75% of the HPff authors that I follow; which now includes *you*!

Why you may ask? Because *I* *know* at least 80% of the works that she *stole* characters, dialogue, scenes, and plot devices from, and that not very well! "She" (or the ghostwriters at Bloomsbury more likely! I believe that "Lockhart" was a "self-insert" as an inside joke from those same "editors"! ;D) wrote the "best selling" unaccredited "FanFiction" in history which to someone like me, who loves those *Masters* of their craft, who have actually *sweated* blood, tears, ink, and many times sacrificed their own health to bring *their* children to the printed page for *my* enjoyment, is a slap in the face to my idols!

So, when I say that your writing holds up to some of the *best* that I've read I'm *not* referring to Rowling!

Thus far, you've earned my applause, so take a well-deserved bow!

Thank *you* for sharing!
9/30 c22 3Steve-Arkarian
Whatever happened with Dobby?
9/30 c21 Steve-Arkarian
What happened with Neville's parents? Did Harry get them out of the hospital and hidden away? And why would he have to hide them away since Neville's dad should be Lord longbottom in his mother would have no say? Or was it because his mother and Neville's uncle might have attacked them?
9/30 c11 Steve-Arkarian
I thought you had Minerva mention
Ollivander being a mage as well, but then
throughout the rest of the story you're only
mentioning Harry and Dumbledore. Didn't
no one else know about him besides

Was it this story or one of your other
stories that Narcissa took a potion to
forget about her son? I can't remember.
9/20 c22 deckman1234
I saw you listed as a favorite author on Robst and took a look. Very nice story. Harry's first year seemed a little long but overall I enjoyed it. Cheers:)
9/7 c22 20Amycat8733
Wonderful story! I greatly enjoyed it.
8/29 c6 10Nanchih
Harry died. Did it remove the horcrux?
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