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for Harry's Christmas Wish

1/20 c22 kjmeow
You made me cry..

It was a great ending and the line “ we have all eternity..”
12/28/2021 c22 10RevDorothyL
Very enjoyable! Reading this for the first time was a nice holiday treat. :)
12/22/2021 c7 Anifan
The fidelius is is useless as quirrel got the secret, defeating the purpose of the fidelius keeping the secret to a few individuals trustworthy is better
12/17/2021 c22 Guest
I wish I remembered my login! But I have to say it took me 3 days to finish all your stories and this one was the last I read. I absolutely loved them all! Thank you for the laughs the frustrations and the exciting stuff too! Great stories! Can’t wait til you finish the story I started reading you. And look forward to more!
12/12/2021 c22 Guest
Great story, thank you very much.
12/14/2021 c22 12mackiechandler
Lovely, lovely story
12/13/2021 c6 mackiechandler
That should give the old fraud chills up his back.
12/8/2021 c22 TBearTech
Great story ... a little hard to follow some of the jumping around in scene changes. But overall great read. Thank you for finishing
12/7/2021 c22 Jason R Shelton
thank you for such an interesting story. by far one of the best I've ever read.
11/28/2021 c22 gginsc
The ending was rushed, but overall, it was a nice story.
10/25/2021 c22 13Stephanie MRV
10/25/2021 c22 Osmodious
Interesting story…lots of plots and subplots and machinations…fun. I’ve only seen a few stories with Dumbles taking that particular tack, but your location was certainly unique. Sorry if that is vague, but trying to not ruin it for folks who haven’t read it yet. My only complaint has to do with formatting…it was a challenge at times to understand scene changes, especially when two lines of dialogue appear together but are different people in different scenes…but I recall that there are sometimes issues on FF with that. Thanks for posting!
10/19/2021 c22 libbyxox1
10/15/2021 c22 2adafrog
Very good, thanks.
10/10/2021 c10 potterpalspranks
The press is the Fourth Estate not the 5th, unless Witches and Wizards have a different 4th Estate I am unaware of. Also that implies there is a Third Estate (clergy) in their world as well with power at a similar level as the aristocracy, that is something for me to think about I suppose. Otherwise interesting story so far. Excited to see where it goes.
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