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for Harry's Christmas Wish

2/23/2020 c8 LunaM303
dang right and Draco I have words for you
2/23/2020 c8 90RebeccaRoy
Wow, Dumbledore here is not being very smart or nice and whoever dared kill Lord Black’s grand child is going to pay dearly.
2/22/2020 c7 LunaM303
dang right
2/22/2020 c6 LunaM303
holy crap
2/22/2020 c7 1Arnie1701
Hopefully, Dumbles doesn't walk away from this one...
2/22/2020 c6 90RebeccaRoy
Wow, that was quite the chapter, and well, Ron is in deep trouble, but at lest Fred and George have a good future ahead of them.
2/22/2020 c5 RebeccaRoy
Very good, I like this version of Hermione, she is willing to learn and adjust to a new culture. For new culture for her it is, and they want her there, but she needs to learn the culture.
2/22/2020 c4 RebeccaRoy
Wow, too bad someone who deserved it did not end up in prison where they belonged.
2/21/2020 c5 LunaM303
I love this harry
2/20/2020 c4 nsaifnabi
good story so far does harry still have the stone and what is his wand made of?
2/19/2020 c1 RebeccaRoy
I like this, Harry getting away from the oh so “normal” Dursleys.
2/17/2020 c1 3Cayk Zomby
yay you updated! I'm adding this to my favorites and my library now. I look forward to more
2/16/2020 c1 15Saissa
This looks like a good story! Adding to my alerts. I definitely want to read more!
2/16/2020 c1 siriusbabe1988
I enjoyed reading this chapter and definitely will be looking forward to more. Good job!
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