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for Harry's Christmas Wish

9/20 c22 deckman1234
I saw you listed as a favorite author on Robst and took a look. Very nice story. Harry's first year seemed a little long but overall I enjoyed it. Cheers:)
9/7 c22 20Amycat8733
Wonderful story! I greatly enjoyed it.
8/29 c6 10Nanchih
Harry died. Did it remove the horcrux?
8/20 c22 7TiffersStar1989
loved the story...great job
8/12 c2 2Detsella Morningdew
Okay, Moody handing child-Harry a wand to teach him useful Auror spells is the best thing I've read all month.
7/31 c3 Smile Giver11
Asking if I am enjoying the story is like asking what color the Weasleys' hair is. This is fantastic, and I am truly glad to have found your profile.
7/22 c5 Darksnider05
Parts of this story are quite sad, I understand why. Conform or be shunned kneel or be disgraced, forgive the followers of the terrorist. Like Snape wasn't involved in crowd of people who harassed and assaulted muggleborns at school. Or that James and his friends weren't also defending said people.

So much of this story reads like a defense of bigotry.
7/18 c22 mysinger
Great story! I don't think I've ever seen a resurrected Dumbledore in a story. I wasn't expecting that at all. Good plot and characters. I liked how Arcturus showed growth in his attitudes towards muggleborns and even thawed towards the Grangers. Harry and "Ares" were my favourite characters. Loved their relationship. Thank you for another excellent story.
7/11 c22 pudentane
Great Read. Thank you for sharing your talent.
7/8 c22 ak
bonne fic!
7/5 c22 1LLGuido
Nice twist to the story. The entire story was well written and paced. Thank you for writing. -LLGuido-
7/3 c14 14Freddie Rindklip
Thank you for writing
7/3 c22 3hpreader1974
Good story, i enjoyed it
6/30 c22 odonnellzoo99
I'm trying to remember if I've ever read a story where Dumbledore has been resurrected with that same ritual. I really enjoyed the story.
Thank you for sharing your creativity.
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