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for Harry's Christmas Wish

6/29 c22 44dennisud
Wow-what a ride and you made such an imaginative and exciting story! I can't wait to see more of your talented writing!

6/29 c5 Midnight Angels
Kinder, Gentler bigotry is still bigotry. This is a DNF for me.
6/29 c10 dennisud
Wow offing Dumbles so early, well this one sure deserved it. But now they will have to deal with Any DE's who follow Riddle quietly!
6/29 c22 Noghanimus
Lovely story, thank you!
6/28 c2 dennisud
This is the 3rd Story with the Black Head of House helping Harry I have read this year. So far a great beginning!
6/27 c22 PSay
This is a great story. I will read your other stories next. Thanks for writing. ps
6/27 c20 PSay
Harry attacked by Dobby. Crazy but trying to help. Too many people from the order there. They all had a master. Now we know who. It is Dumbledore. Snape and Remus and Madeye. Molly of course because of Ginny. What a mess. ps
6/27 c19 PSay
I'm glad that Ares sent Neville home right away when Death Eaters showed up. Sirius and Kingsley did a great job of defeating all 12 of them. Sirius messed up talking to Kingsley as he would have years ago. At least Kingsley thought that Sirius must have taught his cousin and talked about "Kings". Someome is going to catch on one of these days. It looks like Ron is never going to get over being poor and Molly is going to squeeze every knut until it screams. She did buy a cow and a goat. That was progress. But Ron wants new books and robes, etc. She could also increase their spending money too. Harry has really bonded with his baby sister and brother they are going to miss each other a lot. Draco really messed up again yelling at Harry. Delores really was shocked when she found out Voldy was a halfblood. Really shook her up. The idiots that still want to be Death Eaters and want to put things back the way "they should be!" I'm glad they tested all the death eaters with truth serum. That separated the guilty from the innocent. At least she will be able to take care of a couple of orphans. Now the DE's are going to go to the world cup to cause trouble. It is obvious that Ogden is a pureblood bigot. He even complains because the economy is booming. The idiots want to bring Voldy back? Are they nuts? He handed out crucios like candy. Not the best treat. Thanks for writing. ps
6/27 c18 PSay
I'm glad that Snape is no longer listening to Dumbledore's painting. Flint really went too far and finally got expelled. Poor Harry Ginny. He will get a lot of exercise running away from her. Shame on the twins for helping her. At least Harry found the room of requirement. His gift to Minerva was great. Harry found out for sure that Persephone was pregnant on the day Sirius II was born. I really like the bethrothal party for Neville and Daphne. Very well done. Harry of course had to dance with all the girls as one of the hosts. Good thing he likes to dance. Dowager Longbottom made a real fool of herself. She deserved her forced exit. Harry and Neville had a great summer. Euro Disney twice and Neville had his greenhouses and Harry his enchantments. It was a real shock when Lord Black came home and told them he was dying. Harry's mage power saved his grandfather. Very well done. ps
6/26 c17 PSay
Wow! Thank goodness that their plan worked. I really like Rosmerta. All the times she is mentioned she would look out for the students. Ogdens reaction was questionable. I wonder if he has a Dumbledore painting? I'm glad Harry is thinking things through. His temper and power could be a bad combination. Thanks for writing. ps
6/26 c16 PSay
Harry really told Daphne off about her comments to Tracy. Now her father has sold her to the Flints. I''m glad that the Blacks are talking about helping Daphne to get out of this predicament. Now the Flints have Harry. I look forward to how you deal with this. ps
6/26 c15 PSay
Finally Lord Black confronted Lady Longbottom about Neville and the way she and her brother treated is really horrible. almost as bad as Harry's muggle relatives. It is really horrible how eager she was to get rid of Neville. I'm glad Persephone sent him such a great letter. Neville will now find out what it is to be cared for. It is great that with Hermione's suggestion every one who needed a new wand now has one. It looks like that may become a yearly event. Of course Lord Black paid for it but it will also come back when they go to MC stores and end up buying from the stores. A good business move that helps everyone in the long run. Garrick Olivander is certainly happy. It is too bad that Remus didn't work out at the dragon reserve. It is great that Lord Black made him the caregiver at Grimmauld Place. Draco needed help and Harry did what he could. I look forward to more of this story. ps
6/26 c14 PSay
I am so glad that Narcissa has found someone to marry. Her attitude about love is not necessary for a good marriage is sad. Purebloods at least some of them, have a very jaded out look on life. It is sad that Draco is so unhappy about his mother's new husband. Children often have a bad reaction to their parent remarrying. Harry is trying to help Draco. I hope he can. Daphne is really being foolish by being difficult about Hermione. Her actions will actually drive Harry away from her. Not to her. Neville has noticed her bad reaction to the way Harry treats Hermione. I'm sure Neville also resents his Grandmother's attitude about keeping Neville from interacting with muggleborns and muggles. At school Neville and Hermione were friends. Harry really likes enchanting and he managed to finally prove it to his new teacher. I'm glad Professor Ricci apologized to Harry and gave him the books. Harry is really going to really learn a lot in enchanting. The confrontation with Nicolas Flamel was interesting. I'm glad they parted on good terms. Harry has wonderful gifts that he gets from doing the right thing. That's a good thing. Thanks for writing. ps
6/26 c13 PSay
I'm glad that Harry realized he over reacted about Arcturus forbidding the family to have dinner with the Grangers. It had good results though. Arcturus realized he had become like his most prejudiced relatives. He has made some incredible changes in a week. I really like the fact that Harry was shocked and pleased with the gifts that Arcturus gave to Hermione and her parents. I look forward to more of this story. ps
6/26 c12 PSay
I'm amazed that Persephone went to talk to Emma and Hermione about the problems that day. Persephone explained it very well. I'm glad that Hermione heard her explanation. It made a big difference. It is great that Harry finally agreed to go to the dinner. Of course Arcturus blew up and forbid it. I was amazed when Harry crossed Arcturus name off the access list to Potter Manor. I'm sure every one including Harry is shocked. I look forward to more of this story. ps
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