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for Harry's Christmas Wish

6/26 c11 PSay
Gilderoy really was stupid. I'm glad that he is in Azkaban. Lord Black really helped to change Harry's mind about using Skeeter. She would tell all her mother's secrets to get a story. Amelia meant well by connecting Hermione's house to the floo but it was a bad day to do it. Harry was upset because Hermione was upset. Daphne and her mother are trying to manipulate Harry and Hermione so Daphne can marry Harry. Very sad. I look forward to more of this story. ps
6/26 c22 FFFudgeUp
Great story. Second read just as good as the first. Thanks for sharing
6/26 c10 PSay
Wow! I was surprised that Percy apologized to Harry. I was more surprized when Ron tried to apologize but of course Ron is still anti Slytherin. Draco doesn't help that problem either. Dumbledore made a big mistake when he locked Harry in his office. It was one of his biggest mistakes. It looks like Fawkes has been abused by Dumbledore. Instead of Fawkes saving him Fawkes had a burning day. Now it seems that Fawkes has taken up with Harry. With Dumbledore gone Hermes won't be having Dumbledore reading his mail anymore. I'm glad that Ares and Amelia were there for Harry. I look forward to more of this story. ps
6/26 c9 PSay
Arcturus really took care of Lucius. Now Harry has to deal with Draco and Ron fueding. I'm glad that Dobby is now Harry's elf. Thanks for writing. ps
6/26 c8 PSay
It is great that Arcturus explains things to Harry. It is wonderful that Harry saved Persophone. It is sad she lost the baby but she will be ok. It is terrible that Dobby was so badly hurt. At least he was cared for by the Lord Black. Now I expect Lucius is going to lose an elf. He is also going to lose some income from the Black investments. That will hurt Lucius more. I think Harry is also seeing bad habits in Draco. Whoever sent the assassins to attack Persophone is also going to feel the rage of Lord Black. ps
6/25 c7 PSay
It is great that Bill was able to remove the curse on the Weasley orchard. Now Percy knows about the cider press and the recipe for cider. Their income should increase the next year. I'm so glad that Arthur threw Dumbledore out of his house. Now Voldemort using Quirrell has set the troll loose and Harry saved her from the troll. Harry, Hermione,McGonagal and Snape were captured by Quirrellmort but Harry managed to save them. I'm so glad Amelia arrested Dumbledore. I hope they can make it stick this time. Persephone did something to Quirrelmort. I look forward to more about that. ps
6/25 c6 PSay
Hermione was a pawn in the invitation for Harry to meet Remus at Hagrid's House. I'm glad that Ron didn't get away with his lame excuse for hurting Harry. I really liked the way they thanked the Healer that saved Harry''s life. It was great that Harry was overheard and embarrassed for what he said about her. He learned an important lesson. I think the twins made an excellent deal by offering themselves as vassals to atone for Ron's stupid actions. Arcturus made it plain that if Ron did anything else to Harry he would lose his life. I'm so glad that Harry caught Peter. He will live to regret his choices. The letters to Snape, Arcturus, Sirius and Dumbledore were great. I look forward to how Dumbledore handles his job of returning things to House Potter. Thanks for writing. ps
6/25 c5 PSay
It is really wrong of Dumbledore to prevent Neville from getting his own wand. McGonagal is in a difficult situation. I hope that Harry can help Neville. It sure took Hermione a long time to finally ask Harry for help. She really didn't want to change her ways. I'm glad Harry finally got through to her. I really liked the conversation Harry had with Snape. I look forward to more of this story. ps
6/25 c4 PSay
Harry is doing ok but Dumbledore is planning to manipulate things some more. I look forward to more of this story. ps
6/25 c3 PSay
Dumbledore is really messing with Harry again. Hagrid is Dumbledore's pawn and there is another confundus charn now on Persephone. I hope they find Harry soon. ps
6/25 c2 PSay
This is great. I'm so glad that Arcturus knows what Sirius animagus form is and that he has been delighted to know Sirius is out of Askaban. Harry's first Christmas is great except for Hannah's mistake. Now quite a few people know that Hadrian is really Harry Potter. I'm glad that everyone was happy and didn't make Harry feel bad. It is great that Arcturus had a good time after all. Thanks for writing. ps
6/23 c22 Guest
Thoroughly enjoyed. Thanks
6/25 c1 PSay
This is a great story. Your spelling is excellent. I love the way you write. Old Crow reccomended your story. I'm very glad he did. I love to save good stories to read again. Your stories are going on my list. ps
6/25 c1 millercommamatt
Old Crow sent me.
6/22 c6 14Freddie Rindklip
I truly do not care for Snape as a character, yet this fic is well written. If I cannot get over myself I will miss out on a wonderful fic.
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