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for Harry's Christmas Wish

9/26/2020 c17 21katmom
Excellent outcome.
9/26/2020 c16 katmom
Again! Oh no!
9/26/2020 c15 katmom
So much progress!
9/26/2020 c14 katmom
9/26/2020 c13 katmom
Go, Lord Black. He can learn...
9/26/2020 c12 katmom
Wow! Go, Harry!
9/26/2020 c11 katmom
So many bad women...
9/26/2020 c22 11old-crow

First and foremost, I was delighted to see that you'd written some stories and that they were marked complete. This is a very good first story; way better than most. Better still, your second tale demonstrated significant improvement.

Back to this tale, the opening story concept was both logical and presented in a believable fashion. The Ares/Hadrian initially seemed to work and was easy enough to follow,

The Harry/Hermione friendship felt very comfortable and, unlike most storytellers, you kept it very age appropriate. In contrast, Daphne's felt desperate; as if there was no solid foundation of friendship underneath it. That said, I will happily defer to your knowledge of teenage girl emotions.

The train set was a perfect bonding tool and was very age-appropriate.

The last five chapter story-arc felt both delightful and frustrating. I admit that I didn't see it coming.

Thank you for the many hours that you put into this effort, I hope that you had as much fun writing it as I did reading it.

All the best,

9/26/2020 c10 21katmom
Well, that took a turn!
9/26/2020 c8 katmom
So sad!
9/26/2020 c7 katmom
Persephone is great.
9/25/2020 c6 katmom
Nice letters! Lol
9/25/2020 c5 katmom
Not sure what to think of their treatment of Muggleborn. Treating them as peons, albeit peons with magic...
9/25/2020 c3 katmom
Oh no!
9/25/2020 c1 katmom
Excellent beginning. So glad I can click next!
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