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for Harry's Christmas Wish

9/17/2020 c22 hisnhers
A lovely story about learning how to think for yourself, regardless of how family or friends want you to think or want you to act. Just like in real life, it takes time when you are raised to think one way and you then realize it is not an appropriate way to think of others nor to react to others.

I am very glad that Arcturus learned how to tolerate others and then hopefully he ended up being able to truly enjoy their companionship. At least it seemed that way. It was a good story of learning how to accept people who are different from you and the way you were raised.

The only part of the story that bothers me is the fact that 2 separate Marriages involved more than 2 people. Thank you for not being graphic in any way, shape or form but only expressing the fact that they did indeed marry more than one person.

Thanks for sharing!

9/15/2020 c13 hisnhers
Well, we all have to learn at some point. Glad Arcturus took it seriously.

Daphne. hm...

9/15/2020 c12 hisnhers
oh my word. The choices people make. Bad ones. Difficult ones. goodness.

9/15/2020 c11 hisnhers
The poor twins! Collecting without magic or smell dampeners. ugh...

Lockhart. Truly? Best hope Harry doesn't come visit you.

No waaaayyyyy! Mrs. and Miss Greengrass! Mrs. Longbottom. I. am. appalled. You should all be ashamed. (not you, VashonBeader) these characters are beyond the pale. I need to jump in as an OC and slap some people! Then run, they have magic, i don't. (As my son AncientDoom says, "I have no control! they just write themselves!")

9/15/2020 c10 hisnhers
Holy cow! Unbelievable. I'm stunned. Completely stunned.

9/15/2020 c9 hisnhers
The gift from Ragnok... Once the screams died down, a sturdier elf was called. lolol!

Oh dear. The prejudiced idiots abound. Lucius, Dumbledore, Ron.

Yes, good Harry can call on Dobby, if need be.

9/14/2020 c8 hisnhers
That's heartbreaking.

Even 30 plus years later, I still remember losing my first little one.

9/14/2020 c7 hisnhers
By the pricking of my thumbs? oh dear.

Funny, the elf delivered notes to a certain third year dorm. and the fidelius on third floor area. lol!

Albus, Albus, Albus, when will you ever learn? Pull out your beard 1 hair at a time. lol!

Persephone! My word.

9/14/2020 c6 hisnhers
Holy cow!

Ron! the twins! Molly! Good self control Mr. Black.

And then the Letters! Holy cow!

Wonderful for Severus. Not so much for Dumbles.

Shame that.

9/14/2020 c22 LoriAnnRut
I enjoyed your story. Thanks for posting it.
9/14/2020 c5 hisnhers
Wow. Good analogy. Foreign country, etc.

Btw, when my reviews are seriously short, it's due to my pain level, not your story telling.

9/14/2020 c4 hisnhers
This chapter was so packed full of activities!

Hogwarts will be interesting. Glad Harry has Snape to protect him if needed. Let's be honest, with Dumbledore around it will be needed.

Dumbledore is an aggravating old man!

9/5/2020 c1 Archersgirl
Sorry, I had to stop reading at the point where you turned Harry’s name to Hadrian! Harry is short for Henry not Hadrian, look back on your history King Henry viii was Prince Harry and later good king Harry
9/1/2020 c22 Jaxom Wolf 89
I loved it. I've always said that Dumb-old-dork was really a dark lord in reality. Excellent story
8/29/2020 c22 Guest
Awesome and beautiful
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