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7/26/2020 c20 GojiBoiischilling
Anyway, I'm very excited for The Convergence!
7/26/2020 c20 GojiBoiischilling
Wow, just wow. This was awesome!

Time to dish out the pros and cons once more.


1: The monster fights were amazing and well thought out. But some felt a little short.
2:The fact that there are different Godzilla species based on appearance, powers, and fighting style is unique and interesting.
3:Annie being out of her crystal was an awesome change from the original series.
4: The Infinity War/Endgame feels is pretty cool, and not so cool.
5: Bagan's appearance in this story was a needed one in my opinion, the majority of villan kaiju is usually Ghidorah or Destroyah.
6:Zilla's friendship with Sasha was nice, but a little odd.
7:Gigan looking more like his Showa counterpart was an awesome upgrade!


1:Annie doesn't do anything after being released from her crystal prison, which is disappointing.
2:The fact the other events after Destroyah's death were skipped over was also disappointing.
3: The "You should have gone for the head" line wasn't needed.
4:The Infinity War/Endgame setup felt shoehorned in just for another Portals scene.
5:Rajin feels little too perfect. Not necessarily a Gary-Stu(Unlike what Annie said), but a little too good at killing Titans.(But he does get kicked around by Annie's Titan form)
6: Sanda and Gaira don't really do anything here, again, disappointing.
7:Rajin has too many powers for my taste, and I feel he'll pull more out of his ass.
7/20/2020 c10 Guest
Love that Sonic trailer meow impression so funny lol
7/11/2020 c17 GojiBoiischilling
Awesome 2 on 2 Battle with Gigan and X against Rajin and Zilla. The addition of Mothra was great. I hope to see more awesome kaiju battles!
7/8/2020 c17 zaksaurus1
Are we gonna we see Kong in this cause the skull crawlers appeared cause Kong vs the beast titan would be so awesome
6/17/2020 c14 GojiBoiischilling

I just finished chapter 14, I already love this story and where it's going.

Pros and Cons


1:The monster fights are good, but they feel like they move too fast, even the faster kaiju like Zilla and Jet
2:The people inside the walls feel like they aren't afraid of Rajin and the other kaiju but freak out at the sight of a Titan.
3: Rajin moves too fast for such a large creature, his human form gets a pass, however.
4:There are some minor spelling errors
5:DespitebRajin being a 500ft tall monster, the trio aren't scared at all.
6: MechaGodzilla can change sizes, I understand why Rajin and Jet can, but why MechaG can is beyond me.

1:The amount of underrated kaiju is great, like Sanda, Gaira, Baragon, and Zilla Jr. I expect more underrated ones soon.
2: Other than a few minor mistakes, it's well written.
3: The monster fights are again, awesome.
4: The setup with a certain kaiju has an Infinity War/Endgame feel to it with this stone thing. I like that.
5: It feels like that all major kaiju will have a size buff to be just as tall or taller than Rajin
6:The entire story feels like the original anime but with your own spin on it.
7:It feels like Annie won't be in her crystal for too long unlike the manga, which can lead to some awesome things.

Overall, it's decent. Keep it up!
5/10/2020 c13 2ChimaTigon
4/23/2020 c9 ChimaTigon
What does this MechaG look like?

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