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10/11 c15 Guest
Dude I wanted to see a shot of jonathans talk with lex after chapter 14
8/24 c45 3SeaKat
I can't wait to binge read everything!
7/27 c44 2Apfane Chan
beautiful, it's like a parenting 101!
The power of a mother love now I need to go see and embrace mine
7/27 c44 Guest
Stubborn Jonathan! Go sit with your family. I loved the entire story. GREAT JOB! -SeaKat
7/27 c14 11Talk With Your Hands
Oh my gosh, this was such an emotional chapter, and so good? My heart is melting and I feel too many things. Lex's turmoil and Martha's dogged love and ? Johnathan being the good man that he is and realizing he's been unfair. So good!
7/26 c14 2EchoInTheVoid
Please Jonathan follow up with this.
I really wanna give Lex all the hugs.
7/25 c43 52SJlikeslists
It was so very worth the read. :)
7/25 c42 SJlikeslists
7/25 c41 SJlikeslists
It wasn't unexpected, but I'll admit that there was a part of me that was hoping that this was an alternate universe where Baby Kent didn't die. :(
You've done such a nice job with the emotions in this that I hurt for them while I'm reading it.
7/25 c40 SJlikeslists
Well . . . at least I'm feeling all warm and fuzzy about the compass while I brace myself for everything to turn awful. :)
7/25 c39 SJlikeslists
Hmmm . . . I don't know how I feel about where he is right now. Good job with the character depth!
7/25 c38 SJlikeslists
Have I mentioned how much a despise Lex's dark "voice?" Because I really despise Lex's dark voice.
7/25 c37 SJlikeslists
I appreciate the seriousness with which you had them treat this.
7/25 c36 SJlikeslists
This is very, very bad.
7/25 c35 SJlikeslists
I'll just say again how much I enjoy the way you write Jonathan and Martha.
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