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2/21 c1 whattheducks
I hated cangel
2/19 c1 1Flickerflame8
I always hated Cangel because I felt it'd be betraying Doyle's memory for Angel to consider a relationship with Cordy (and a million other reasons). Especially with how hurt Doyle had reacted when he assumed they had slept together in Room w/a Vu.
2/17 c1 Tbolling
The only kiss of theirs that didn’t make me gag. I loved how she was all I didn’t feel anythi and he’s quick to say I didn’t either
2/17 c1 4Scribes1015
ugh Cangel made me sick ...literally
2/17 c1 BritniKayla
I thought that scene was funny (but yes...don't kiss him Cordy!)
2/17 c1 bethanyclarke

WRONG is right. I hated that story line so much


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