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for The Darkness and an Ancient

2/26 c1 Hi-Fionn
Looking forward to where this goes. Could be interesting.
2/23 c1 8ConlonKeith
Will this be within your Extraordinary Journey fanfiction series universe if so if you continue this story it just might end up interesting however as I had tried informing you the Extraordinary Journey storyline history is actually missing some gaps within Earths and Earth's Solar system history that Doctor Who franchise could assist in filling in such as the Earth's twin planet Mondas and the Mondassian Cybermen(httpstardis. fandom and httpstardis. fandom that currently is now the asteroid belt in the solar system, the Ice Warriors(httpstardis. fandom that for many melinnia inhabited the planet Mars, and finally the Silurians(httpstardis. fandom and httpswww. doctorwho. tv/explore/siluriansand Sea Devils(httpstardis. fandom ancient civilization/race/species that had inhabited Planet Earth during the age of the Dinosaurs well before the existence of the Hellmouth, and well before the very first Ancients/Alterans had come to Planet Earth. And finally the Racnoss Queen (httpstardis. fandom that had a nest of her babies in the center of the planet Earth since the planet Earth was able to form due to her nest being the necessary core/glue to start the formation of a planet. Finally what about the genuine Space Vampires(httpstardis. fandom within the Doctor Who franchise apparently influenced the Dracula legends), and Werewolves from Doctor Who and the Marvel comics Inheritors( httpsmarvel. fandom and httpsen.m. wikipedia
2/19 c1 Linpo
Interesting story ideas here. I hope we get to see more of it
2/17 c1 Guest
Good story have you ever thought of writing a Stargate sg1/Star wars where sg1 find or get sent to the star wars systems? like a full upgraded Odyssey or Atlantis? anyway hope you update
2/17 c1 SupergodzillaSailorCosmos
So I like the idea very much.
It's just a one shot or a continuous series.

Please continue to write quickly.

With kind regards SupergodzillaSailorCosmos
2/17 c1 2predator1701
Okay this looks good. looking forward to the next and seeing where this goes.
2/17 c1 Guest
2/17 c1 12Danen5
At first I thought it was VALKORION, then I realized I jumped to conclusion and was really bummed out when it turned out to be Palpy. Had me excited for a whole minute there. So are the Others or any other ascended person comparable to the Force in its entirety? Or is this where Two Omnipotent fields of existences battle it out in a war of supremacy? With either concept being more powerful than the other?
2/17 c1 SGM84
This is very interesting, look forward to seeing where you go from hear.
2/17 c1 eeon3
Seems to be a very interesting story.
Hope to see more

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