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4/26 c22 14beautifulllytragic
UMM it’s 4.30am right now but I couldn’t sleep until I finished this once I started! Thank you for this! Your words and how you crafted this entire story is absolutely phenomenal and I can’t believe I haven’t come across it before! Thank you for your time and for sharing this with us!
4/19 c21 Martyna
This is the best AU story that I’ve ever read️
4/19 c8 Martyna
Greetings from Poland! One of my favorite Darvey stories️
4/12 c2 Guest
Ever thought about writing an au with the plot of bridget jones baby
1/22 c1 4OracleGuessMe
okay wow.
So I really wanna thank you for this story!
okay the last time you updated this was half of a year ago...so i dont really now if you see this but damn i aprecciated this story so much!
So as I said in my first review I dont like AU so much, but I think I just never read such a fabulous one.

If anyone read the reviews before they read the actual story (which I do) then don't read this could take you chance of reading this and being suprised away and I don't wabt that.

So at the beginning it just feels like they know each other for nearly ever, but still a new beginning... It was so nice to actually see them just getting together without any complications.
I loved the dating time were they just talk and try to see who the other person really is. That Gordon was existing made me so happy, the first time they are in Chicago watching the play was amazing. I am a HUGE theater geek and seeing this was extremely amazing.

Honestly in generally props to you, you researched so much about these plays and baseball. Or maybe you actually liked it and thats why it felt so good? I don't care at all about sports especially Baseball. but this made me care so much! Also damn I could see donna as Roxie, she would be great... And as Glinda! I mean I always saw in my mind Elle woods played by Donna paulsen or Christine Daae... Honestly dream role for her would probably be Reno Sweeney in my opinion. Okay nevermind as I said I am a theater geek...

So as they start to date because Rachel and Mike did a great job by taking these both out I just got so Happy because damn these flowers, the kiss the talking it was sweet as hell and him talking to Travis Tanner. (honestly best choice of making Dana and Travis a loving Couple and good friends of Harvey).

then the Break where Donna needs to sort things out was a good Idea, I think it made it all a little bit more interesting even tho it was sad. Then them gladly talking it over was so awesome, communication is important and you made PERFECT conversations between them...

With Lily struggling with her health you put the whole mother issues easily aside, which was amazing cause Its not that interesting I my Opinion, I read plany of those.

Louise as a wedding planner made me laugh so hard! And him beeing sad because he isnt a dancer or something like that...
Then harvey hurting his shoulder (shoulder injury from the actual show also shown in this fanfiction was a great idea), I was devasted that then he sttuggle so much and she "broke up" with him. But also a very nice plot line because 1) it shows harvey struggling with anxiety, what leads to him seeing a Therapist and tem talking it out. I need to say I really didn't feel the anxiety of him tho, you write great jelousy and cheese but sweet love feels. The whole mental health thing wasn't so great, I mean it could have been better wasn't so bad tho. I struggled with Anxiety my whole life, panic attacks are for me normal since i am 8 years old and deppresion is something you can also add to the list but don't let me go there lol. Infact Anxiety and Panic attacks aren't the same thing, they can be related, but are different. Also that this wasn't really discussed in therapy sessions at all was a bit sad I guess. But the "how do you know that you are in love with someonei think that was the line) was great.

Then Donna not feeling well because she might be pregnant was very well written. I don't like these thinks that much because that is in many fanfictions the same but you really didn't mak eit boring. Also I was glad you didn't push the story with her actually being pregnant.
Gordon of course such a helo love it!

Then Thomas Kessler, great Idea of bringing him into the story (also Stephan Huntley at the beginning of the story, fucking jackass, made me happy...not that I like him but him lterly sobbing after Havrey was fun). Well anyways, Thomas apearence let me really wonder where you wanna go with the story and I couldn't quite figure it out at the beginning. But great bringing him into the picture! I was feeling sad of course for their short struggles but it made their issues clear and let them be troublesome but made them sttonger.

Mrs. Garfields appearance was GOLD, i lterly bursted out into laughter, i mean you got the humor very well I loved how you write this and I needed to laugh out loud several times. Also tear up...this damn Proposal was just- i cant put it in words!

I loved how you write feelings, how you played with them- the amount of love omg... I mean I never have been in love and I consider myself helpless in that kind of thing cause the possibility of someone actually liking me isn't really existing. So I never experienced dating or something like that, but these to being like that really made me feel happy. I mean if I ever should find someone it would be this, I would want this! I mesn you lowkey just made me so happy with them being them in their power couple way!

The epilogue with their kid was am
1/22 c21 OracleGuessMe
omg this was a hell of a proposal i lterly cried
1/22 c20 OracleGuessMe
the faith talk makes me so incredibly happy
1/22 c15 OracleGuessMe
"you would make a shitty lawyer" ahhahaha omg i cant
1/21 c7 OracleGuessMe
i swear i wanna punch this not even real guy for hurting a fictional character. U write them so awesome really i wanted/needed to go to sleep 2 houers ago but this is good!
1/21 c3 OracleGuessMe
omg honestly its damn exciting. I hope u dont break my heart with this story!
1/21 c2 OracleGuessMe
okay not gonna lie i didn't want to read this story cause too much AU isn't my thing but damn this is amazing! I am only finished with the 2th Chapter u are good!
1/17 c22 jennifer
ahhhh loved this story! i love your writing style and i’m going to be honest there were a few plot twists i wasn’t expecting so good job! the only thing that wasn’t very “donna and harvey” to me were their kids’ names, but it is an AU so that’s that. again, wonderful fic!
10/15/2020 c22 Skyla71
What a wonderful story! Loved it through and through.
10/14/2020 c17 Skyla71
Yes! A bit of jealousy is healthy in my opinion. If there's communication there shouldn't be any problem. Loved how you turned the tension into a heck of a night.
And finally, she got a shirt yay!
10/13/2020 c16 Skyla71
Uhoh another threat to their relationship? Are we gonna see jealous Harvey? *evil smirk* lol It's my weakness.
I loved Donna's reaction to Harvey's performance, it cracked me I'm so glad for him to be back on that mound.
Great chapter!
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