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for Adam The Redeemer

1h c54 Military17
Great story! love it a lot, looking forward to the next chapter
13h c54 GNTR96
A pretty good chapter. I wonder how the next one will turn out. See ya and good luck with your chair.
5/5 c54 lokifestif
Nice chapter. I cant wait to see Adam's and Yang's interactions.
4/30 c14 2SpiritWolf313
You did a phenomenal job in handling both Adam and Cardin. Inspiring, even. I've always favored the stories that redeem Cardin more than the alternative. Not only does that fit the theme for Adam, but it's a more interesting and heartwarmong story.
And in terms of Adam, this is really a good stepping stone that adds to the moral complexities in his story. That kind of, Rurouni Kenshin tale I've personally been hoping for him. Thank you!
4/30 c53 11metacllica
So Adam's finally put his past self to rest? It's about time he started looking towards the future.
4/23 c14 3liukwan2406
Maybe we can finally see a good Cardin.
4/23 c12 liukwan2406
Cardin is portrayed as a little bitch in every fanfiction lol.
4/22 c11 liukwan2406
I hope that Roman and Neo can have a happy ending in this story.
4/22 c9 liukwan2406
I am actually hoping to have a yandere Blake lol
4/22 c7 liukwan2406
When you find this "redeemer Adam" is way more logical and likable as a believable character than the canon Blake and Adam... lol
4/21 c52 11metacllica
Ilia is free and it looks like she's confused as to why Blake wants her specifically. Friendship is a good reason, but I don't know what's truly running through her mind so we'll just have to wait and see.
4/21 c52 WellLifeJustAintFair
Maybe Adam could get a collection of tanto-like daggers with Dust-infused blades. It'd be a cool addition.
4/17 c7 2SpiritWolf313
Oooo! Jaune having Pyrrha AND Adam as a mentor! I find this quite motivating...!
4/14 c51 11metacllica
Good work.
4/8 c16 WellLifeJustAintFair
Will Adam and Yang end up having to kill Blake in this, like in canon where Blake and Yang killed Adam?
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