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for Adam The Redeemer

1/19 c41 2ThatSexyShikamaru
Another great chapter I would have hoped to see more Adam but checking in on yang was a good shot and seeing doctor oobleck was awesome can’t wait for the next
1/9 c39 ThatSexyShikamaru
This is a great chapter and I love this entire story so far and jaune finally realizing Pyrrha is awesome nice
1/5 c39 7metacllica
Adam's going on a journey to Menagerie with team SSSN as his backup? Awesome! Looking forward to the confrontation between the Belladonnas and Adam after what he's done to their daughter. Also Adam shouldn't have left without telling Ruby.
1/5 c39 TheDragon2000
Oooh I am looking forward to the confrontation between the Belladonna parents and Adam! I really like the story so thanks for sharing and update soon!
1/5 c39 ReDestrobo
You know I’m curious since Pyrrha is alive.

Is she crippled from the battle meaning is she still in her prime?
I just cannot see her still be good in a fight after what happened
1/5 c39 3ZeroTheOne
Well Yang is going to kill Sun when she finds out he convinced Adam to leave
12/30/2020 c38 7metacllica
Interesting changes you've made, looking forward to seeing how much they impact the later plot.
12/28/2020 c38 2ThatSexyShikamaru
Amazing chapter the mental problems that this chapter could cause on many characters is amazing and due to your writing so far I hope we see it
12/28/2020 c38 3MajorBrony95
Wow! A LOT different from canon, that's for sure. Winter was involved in the battle against Cinder, Pyrrha lives and Adam's staying with the Xiao Longs. Who knows what that could lead to. Could he and Yang grow closer as time goes by? Or could Yang, clouded by anger at her situation, reject him and cause him to run, possibly to Menagerie? Just have to see.
12/22/2020 c37 Guest
Waiting for the updates for this fic religiously like weekly mass. I just can't help but worry because it's past 7 days already (at least from where I live) :v
12/22/2020 c37 2ThatSexyShikamaru
That was some good shit can’t wait for more Adam and damm this is so sad
12/15/2020 c37 7metacllica
Damn, was kind of hoping Yang wouldn't loose her arm during the fall. Still, the way it happened here was even more brutal and this might just be what makes Blake irredeemable in Adam's eyes.

Onto Pyrrha, she now had backup in the form of Winter. As happy as I am to see her, this could also spell doom for her instead of the redhead. I don't even want to think what'll happen to Weiss if Winter dies.
12/15/2020 c37 hirshja
Not gonna lie, as great as this chapter was, it's a little frustrating how little has changed from canon. In fact, the only thing that DID change is something that Adam wouldn't have actually effected. That's a little absurd in what is supposed to be a story about Adam and Blake switching roles and how that would change events.

The fact if the matter is that Blake is not as strong of a fighter as Adam and likely never will be. Her specialty is asymmetrical fighting whereas Adams is more head on, traditional fights. He trained against fighters far quicker than Blake for months so that he could deal with her attacks, and then you basically completely ignore that because "lol dust" when realistically there's little to no chance that he hasn't trained for that type of thing as well.

I would've been totally cool with Adam being forced to retreat from a stalemate to reinforce friends elsewhere, but his inability to go all out against Blake shouldn't have led to the same conclusion with Yang as canon.
12/15/2020 c37 20Earth Dragon Arnighte
No, no, no. You are not allowed to kill off one of the most underrated girls in the show just save freaking Pyrrha.
12/15/2020 c37 3MajorBrony95
I knew this would happen. Things seem different with Winter there, but will they succeed?
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