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3/3 c45 11metacllica
Adam and Kali are getting along better than expected, a shame he can't really talk to Ghira but I understand why. Blake on the other is just annoyed Adam is staying with her family in Menagerie. But then Hazel arrived to go over the next phase of the plan and so far Blake seems more respectful towards him than Adam in canon.
2/26 c44 makathedead
I was literally waiting for this week for an update but nothing came out yet. :( But please take your time, we can wait. :)
2/22 c1 constitutionals
plz continue
2/16 c44 metacllica
Since Blake never left in this timeline and ceased control of the White Fang, Ilia has no reason to leave due to her feelings for Blake and hatred towards Adam. Things are definitely starting to pick up over in Menagerie.
2/16 c44 TheDragon2000
Happy fic birthday man! I really like the story so once again, Thanks for sharing!
1/28 c42 2ThatSexyShikamaru
I love this story but I would like to ask a question what will you be doing with Whitley seeing an idea of how Weiss can save Whitley and herself or if she’ll forget he exists like in canon and it was interesting what you did with Adam meeting Blake’s parents well i hope to see more
1/27 c42 11metacllica
Poor Adam, you could practically feel his anxiety as he approached the Belladonna home.
1/19 c41 2ThatSexyShikamaru
Another great chapter I would have hoped to see more Adam but checking in on yang was a good shot and seeing doctor oobleck was awesome can’t wait for the next
1/9 c39 ThatSexyShikamaru
This is a great chapter and I love this entire story so far and jaune finally realizing Pyrrha is awesome nice
1/5 c39 11metacllica
Adam's going on a journey to Menagerie with team SSSN as his backup? Awesome! Looking forward to the confrontation between the Belladonnas and Adam after what he's done to their daughter. Also Adam shouldn't have left without telling Ruby.
1/5 c39 TheDragon2000
Oooh I am looking forward to the confrontation between the Belladonna parents and Adam! I really like the story so thanks for sharing and update soon!
1/5 c39 ReDestrobo
You know I’m curious since Pyrrha is alive.

Is she crippled from the battle meaning is she still in her prime?
I just cannot see her still be good in a fight after what happened
1/5 c39 3ZeroTheOne
Well Yang is going to kill Sun when she finds out he convinced Adam to leave
12/30/2020 c38 11metacllica
Interesting changes you've made, looking forward to seeing how much they impact the later plot.
12/28/2020 c38 2ThatSexyShikamaru
Amazing chapter the mental problems that this chapter could cause on many characters is amazing and due to your writing so far I hope we see it
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