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1/21 c23 4gordhanx
Really great job, on the opening talk between Adam & Yang. There's a lot of great emotions in it, even when the two of them, are keeping their tempers in control. I really loved, how you handled the Adam's abusive side in this story, with him just not picking up on some of the emotional & psychological stuff he did to Blake, that have caused her to see him in such a negative light. It was a smart way to handle it, while still painting both in a sympathetic light. And while both sides seem to have moved past, there's still some clear lingering feelings and complications that they have, no doubt to clog up some drama later on. I'm excited to see how that's handled.

Well, time to get on with the mission. And already it's off to a "great" start, with Winter & Adam at each other's throats. It's everything we'd ever hope with the two of them absolutely antagonistic and at-each-other's-throats, with Adam mostly doing it for fun. Wonderful stuff. Really like seeing them & Qrow, meddling with the Torchwick dock job. Before that though, I appreciated the brief interlude, with Ruby talking to Yang, about the whole Winter/Adam debacle. Despite not knowing what to think herself, Yang showing her more caring, motherly side trying her best to reassure Ruby that everything's going to be fine and not to let it bother her.

Back to the stakeout, Adam's doing his best, to deal with the constant distrust, his newfound appreciation for humans and having to face more of the White Fang face-to-face. The last one was especially great. Not only because of the drama of him confronting his past, but seeing first hand, of their shortcomings. The Grimm masks and the young & old being sent into battle. It was fascinating for him to see how they've fallen, and that something isn't right here. And then just to make things more stressful for Adam, Neo shows up and by disguising Roman as Weiss, causing Winter to attack him. And just in time, for Weiss to finally discover the truth about Adam. Oh boy, things are about to get awkward...
1/20 c1 Guest
This is sooooo good !
1/19 c1 Zukafew119
I am glad you had the courage to write this story with Adam Taurus as the stories main protagonist. I do like how you describe why decided to make this story. I do like how you state from the beginning that your not going to have Blake and Adam get back together because they are not good for each other. I do agree that Adam’s character was really mismanaged by Rooster Teeth, he had the potential to be such a great multi layer villain that many people could empathizes with. Instead, Adam was made into villain that would evoke no sympathy that we were glad when in canon he was kill off.
It was hilarious how you introduced Adam into the by having him come to the same Dust dealer as Ruby was, after Roman Torchwick when in but before things got violent. It was hilarious the dialog between Roman and Adam! I do like how if Adam would have not perused Roman, if Roman did not say any racist comments. Then because of this Roman ended up getting defeated by Adam before Cinder could come and save his ass. i do like how the Dust shop owner that Adam and Ruby save from being robed by Roman gives him a small vial of fire dust for free for his efforts.
I do like how Ozpin and Adam came to a understanding before the story began and we the reader hear the details of it at the police station. I do like the scene where Ozpin and Glynda talk about Adam and get to see the logic behind Ozpin accepting Adam’s deal to become a student at Beacon. I total can see that Glynda would be even more vehemently opposed to Adam being at the school than Blake, Ruby or Jaune. Coeur Al'Aran keep up the awesome work you do in this story and all other stories you do! Till next time!
1/19 c23 Reader
You know in the show Winter is more or less choosing duty over Weiss and will arrest her for standing against Atlas but here she is being unprofessional in her duty because she sees a threat to Weiss
1/17 c4 Guest
1/17 c3 Guest
me gusta
1/17 c2 Guest
de tus mejores fics
1/17 c1 Guest
Me encanta
1/16 c23 zedacus1999
Great chapter I loved that Weiss has finally figured it out and the scene with winter and roman were great. I was slightly disappointed how the yang Adam scene turned out, just because I want yang and Adam to be together, but I found it very accurate.
1/16 c23 DARKRAI11235
Amazing chapter as always! Keep up the good work Coeur!

By the way, some time back you said that you were only planning 15 something chapters but later changed your plans when the story grew more popular. Can you tell what your plans or the story plot was before that. Was the story drastically different from what it is now, or was it the same thing in short?
1/16 c23 Luine Mercury LWG
Now Weiss is the problem, both at home AND on a mission. She apparently couldn't resist the urge to pry despite the fact that he was intending to come clean about his past to at least Ruby (if not RYS_ as a whole) after this mission, and at least hinted as much to Ruby, iirc.
Can't wait for the next chapter.
1/15 c23 12ahsoei
Say, since you like writing story about Jaune, Blake and/or characters with... similar developments, have you considered writing an Oscar-centric story?
1/14 c23 centi108l
Great chapter as always.
1/14 c22 centi108l
'Winter is coming'
Not a line I expected in a RWBY fic, but appreciated nonetheless.
1/14 c23 xSilverWolfMoonx
I was so happy when I saw it would be updated next week. I will admit a little sadness at the correction.
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