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2/24 c26 John
Your attitude towards criticism is admirable. I confess I was among those who felt rather put off by the last chapter, it having felt very one-sided and unresolved (unfair, even), but knowing that their conversation was not intended to put the lid on the conflict between them plot-wise makes what you did more understandable.
2/24 c1 eyepatch240
you're doing great. this is one of if not my favourite story from you so far. I love the character of Adam and how the relationship's between the team actually feel real. I'm sad to see it end so soon but I'm looking forward to how it turns out
2/24 c26 Long-Time Reader
Just to pitch in my 2 cents, I prefer how things went here over an event more similar to canon. While, as an isolated story, the idea of having Adam save Weiss in the docks would have been more dramatic, as a fanfiction the fact we’ve already seen similar events in canon would have sucked the drama out of the event.

So imo the story is better off this way.
2/24 c26 EnteTheSlayer
I think that scrapping that initial plan was a good call, too much like a simple recycling. Too bad it's going to end soon, I really like this story but it's in good taste when a story doesn't overstay it's welcome.
2/24 c26 Ezylryb
Great chapter
2/23 c26 Guest
Just ignore the haters Coeur Al'Aran! They are extremely stupid for even posting shitty comments about your stories!

You are the gods damned best RWBY Author right now! HATERS GONNA HATE! DUCKS GONNA DUCK! QUACK! QUACK! QUACK!

Do not mind those idiots and just do what you do best!
2/23 c26 Guest
This is the first time it feels like the pairing is actively detracting from my enjoyment of your story. The relationship drama is just so cliche and feels so much less interesting than everything else going. Very out of place in a story like this.
2/23 c26 Guest
It's not your harassment I'm avoiding, it's the response from your rabid fan-base. I only made the mistake of leaving a negative review while signed in once. Not doing that again.
2/23 c25 Guest
Yeah this chapter needs a re-write, you have written Jaune and slapped Adam's name on him.
2/23 c26 Sod off
"Coeur you just said she was 17. You can lay off the talk about her tits then, since it doesn’t really add to the story anyways yeah? Otherwise I might have to put you on the pedophile watch list :)"

You absolute Dumb fuck, Imbecilic, Saggy-ball piece of shit of a human being, It is merely describing on Character's perspective with no malicious Intentions.
2/23 c26 Guest
He should pick up an apple. Call that Adam's apple.
Why am I like this
2/24 c26 Zestylem0n
just want to add my vote to say I hope you make this fic longer. Also if you could move this into the monday or Thursday slot that would be awesome, this is one of your better stories right now and it's painful waiting 2 weeks for every chapter lol. I saw another review saying how overly expedient the Weiss\Adam argument was compared to a similar conflict in NTF. I wont pretend to be such an observant reader as that but I will say they made some good points in their review about letting a story stew a bit instead of hitting the beats so mechanically. I definitely think this story could benefit from slower pacing on par with your longer stories instead of a quick run through of the story beats. This scenario is rather unique and I hope you fully explore all the ins and outs of Adam in Beacon before you put a bow on this story\idea and move on.
2/24 c26 1Cadmus8
Blake's gonna be hella jealous on Adam. He's revealed he's a Faunus to his team from the very start, he's created a good friendship with his team despite being teammates with a Schnee. The only thing he's missing now was revealing that he's an ex White Fang, then he'd do everything Blake failed to do in the Original Rwby universe (which is being honest with his team, and revealing his past on his own terms). i bet that Blake hasn't even told her team she's a faunus yet.

Damn, I hope he'll reveal his past to Ruby and Yang before the dance, it'll just be the icing on the cake.
2/23 c26 Curbizzle
You just can't seem to miss Coeur. Always great to read a new chapter. Keep it up big man!
2/23 c26 Sorlian
Alas, his blunt point of view dims his perception, and failed his insight rolls on bad prior information. Though I'm sure the salesperson will totally be gossiping about this, if nothing else but to groan about his 'obliviousness'. Now who will hear such rumors I wonder, and how will it get distorted?
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