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2/23 c26 smolhauz
You... how... how did you somehow make me like adam taurus? Oh wait, right your the same dude capable of making salem, tirian, cinder, even emerald likable characters. Still holy hell this fic was great. And you kept true to their character like in your other stories, cool!
2/23 c26 Shadowstorm-Vash
Speechcraft: 001
2/23 c26 Astray-Tech
Wait, really? Just another 10-12 chapters and this thing is done?
2/23 c25 4kamorge0
I feel like this chapter illustrates really well the divide between what I'll call "Modern Coeur" and "Old Coeur". The fight between Weiss and Adam was only going to end in reconciliation and that's known from the onset. Instead of enjoying the road to that reconciliation, it feels like this chapter is meant to put a direct highway straight from problem to resolution with no stops, turns, or any nonsense.

Weiss has a problem, Weiss seeks help from Tsune, Tsune provides every answer imaginable in regards to both her tepid approach to the problem and the faults in Adam's philosophy, Weiss confronts Adam and thoroughly disarms him, they expediently reach a resolution in the singular conversation.

When you look at the flowchart for that turn of events it really looks like it was impossible to solve this problem faster. Adam has grown throughout the story and it's impossible this would ever be anything as big as the blowup between Jaune and Weiss in NTF. That's fine. Not everything needs to be some dramatic explosion. What breaks my heart is that you compare it to that NTF fight and you see the flowchart for it is so much more expansive.

Jaune rages at team, Weiss defends team from Jaune, Weiss and Jaune are at odds and separate in rage, Jaune and Weiss get time to reflect (Jaune with Qrow and Weiss with Blake and Yang) where they make their opinions known to the reader, the cast sans Weiss and Jaune meet up and consider the problem as well as how to get the two to make up, heartfelt scenes with Jaune x Yang and Weiss x Blake that eventually trick them into a room together, when the two are in the room they don't make up immediately because the tension flares between them once again, and finally after going a few rounds they both better clarify their positions and admit respective faults and become closer because of it.

The NTF fight has so much soul to it that I enjoyed rereading it for the umpteenth time just to make this review. It isn't in a rush to get to the conclusion and explores how the characters in the story react to the fallout and work towards resolution. Beast drives me nuts sometimes because I swear it feels like my favorite skeleton of a story that is just lacking a few pounds of meat. With how strong this was set up it could have been a redemption story on par with some of my favorite Coeur epics. I hate to say it hasn't delivered on that possibility.

This is the guy that inspired me to faceplant at writing like a chuuni and slowly start to build myself up to make things that were less cringe. I'm a Coeur fan like some people are Rangers fans. I will read his stories until he stops writing them and even then I'll re-read them long after he's done. I don't think there is an accomplished author on this site that writes more efficiently than Coeur does. His ability to juggle so many stories on a reliable timetable is nothing short of masterful. I guess part of me just misses the era where it felt like Coeur had a passion for his work and characters that went beyond hitting plot beats. I'm left wondering if this is the writing of a man who lacks passion for his characters or just one with an overambitious release schedule that hampers his ability to develop his stories.

P.S. Pretty much the same as in the Adam vs racist team chapter, the easy moral victory being handed to Weiss here doesn't sit right with me. She is not her father and is not culpable for the decisions he makes. She has Adam dead to rights when she says that. However, I've got to admit it looks pretty bad when the very next chapter we're joking about how her dress will cost a fortune everyone knows is being paid for by those decisions. I really feel like Adam could have intelligently gone after how being complicit is only marginally better than being culpable.
2/23 c26 3SkyChaser17
So much flag, also, if Ruby mess with Cinder plan, make sure either Weiss or Jaune go with her, for the sake Blake could be there(at this point, I think just add Blake to problem would be instant plot mover like it or not?) And sew chaos, intended or not.

I don't want to pick a fight here, but the more I read, the more I see this how you felt about bumblebee, anyway, I don't know this is lean on negative or positive. But regardless, if you finishing this story, is it the same as Rabbit? Because that one is also close to the ending from your usual pacing?
2/23 c26 Trey of the rebellion
Yang can't seem to catch a break. Although since the end is nearing and we're not even to the dance yet, if imagine Blake is going to be a major catalyst for what's about to happen. CCT is going to be interesting in this
2/23 c26 2JcL107
All feedback is good, when you're able to incorporate it. You are a great writer already, but like Adam says being a 10 out of 10 would mean absolute perfection and we can all keep improving. Great story and I look forward to seeing how you tie things together in the end.
2/23 c26 Dr. Killinger
Aww... I was kind of hoping for more chapters...

Like, 20 or 30 more. But, if you only planned for (I'm guessing) The Fall of Beacon as the end point, I get it. Though I do hope you decide on a "Season 2" if you will. I rather like this version of Adam better than RWBY's version of Adam.
2/23 c26 1cjyniz
Taking away discounts before important events is actually a good, if dirty, idea.

Saving that for later...
2/23 c26 7TigerVolcano5000
-Review time!
*Nothing TOO major (for me, anyway) within this chapter. Feels more like a "set-up" than anything else.
*No more than 12 chapters left, eh? It's a tad unfortunate to think this story will be ending soon...although, I guess (based on your updating schedule) that no doubt won't be till around July or August:/
I DEFINITELY feel that we HAVE to see Adam "finishing" his issues with some of his main "issues": Winter, Coco, Glynda, and (of course) Blake.
1. With Winter, the only thing I can think of is Adam just being DONE with Winter's shit and Weiss eventually having to step in and put her sister in her place.
2. I think a "double battle" between Adam and Yang against Velvet and Coco would be pretty cool. It'd give Yang a shot at kicking Coco's ass (who REALLY needs it), while Adam and Velvet could actually gain a great deal of respect for one another. Plus, that'd be a pretty cool fight:)
3. In my opinion, a good idea for Glynda would be this: walking around the school (maybe even after giving Adam some more shit), Glynda discovers a group of racists picking on a faunus. They SEE Glynda, but continue on regardless. When she screams at them, they question why she cared since she's been discriminating against the only Faunus first-year for the entire semester. Since those words will be coming from those who're COMPLETELY unbiased and not connected to Adam at all, I believe that that'll REALLY be what will force Glynda's pride to break down and make her face her own "issues". I also think it'd be REALLY funny to see Glynda have to apologize to Adam and his team (whether or not they'd forgive her is another matter altogether).
4. Blake...I honestly have no fucking idea. It DEFINITELY have to be the last one of them all. It'd be pretty cool to see a final long-ass conversation between Adam and Blake where Adam finally shows that he's not who Blake thinks he is. This could even lead to Blake attacking him, with him kicking her ass easily. Personally...I'd like to see Blake expelled from Beacon by the story's end.
*Keep up the good work:)
2/23 c26 Luine Mercury LWG
Poor Adam, he has no idea what's going on and he's as dense as Jaune when it comes to this type of thing, even if he didn't have to figure out how to tell Ruby and Yang the truth about his past. Given how well he treats the team and his (mostly) good behavior with trying to genuinely turn over a new leaf since he stopped trying to win back Blake and started doing it for his own sake, I'm fairly sure that Ruby and Yang will take it mostly well.
2/23 c26 1MrSir17
Come on Adam. No one ever really means as friends when they offer you an out lol ah well
2/23 c26 1blackredray21
i am here thinking if Yang starts mesuring Blake words how Adam only want to use Yang to angry her and the times Adam block the chances of misunderstanding the situation Yang starts liking he more or something. Well i wait you can understand what i'm talking about.
2/23 c26 zedacus1999
God Yang way to wimp out
2/23 c26 2Jack Inqu
I've never really had a crush on anyone, nor have I tried to help set someone up with another person, so I can't really relate to most of this chapter.

Still, I feel like you did a good job. Feelings can be confusing at the best of times, and this is far from the best.

Take care, good luck, stay safe, stay healthy, and I look forward to your next update.
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