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for Chasing Hearts

6/6/2020 c2 5Pumpkin-Scrubs
Great work! Looking forward to more xx
3/6/2020 c2 Tika86
I like to see where this is going! I like the story!
3/1/2020 c2 3kazzo96
:) can’t wait to read what happens next, I know it’s going to be interesting :)
3/1/2020 c2 9HonestPassion13
Taking a turn for the exciting here! I can't wait to see what happens next!
2/20/2020 c1 Guest
Well written, but the game seems weird. You have to persue people to give you their hearts, you have to convince them to willingy lose?
2/19/2020 c1 3kazzo96
I remember reading this story originally :) all I can say is I’ve just reread queen of hearts and I can’t wait to reread this one too :)
2/19/2020 c1 10lovesmesomedanilalol
At least both of Romitri’s POV please.
2/19/2020 c1 RoMitri ZoNila
OMG This is sooo exciting! Already waiting for next chap!
2/18/2020 c1 12Alice-Roza
damn it, there is only one chapter posted! hooked!

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