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for The last battle

7/23 c6 2NaoSa
Kay, I love where this story is going. I see a lot of things that make sense for it and love and agree with. Don’t worry about mistakes, trust me, I have never seen a totally perfect fan fiction. ;)

I like how you added a Ronodin perspective along with other perspectives. It adds a but of mystery and kind of a I’m still here kind of vibe.

As you saw in my previous comment, love that you are bringing Risenmae back (sorry I know it’s mispelled but I don’t really care.) Word of advice for that, I would try and revisit the part where Ronodin comes in on the previous books.

For example always going the wrong way and how she is a sucker for romance. That kind of thing, but only if you don’t remember well.

I love how you added a time limit of time for Kendra. I wish she didn’t have to suffer but it’s the whole part of the story. Poor poor Kendra.

I imagine that you are going to use the time limit a lot, as you have already which is great. I love a good timed quest kind of thing.

I also enjoy how weak Bracken is and how much he cares about Kendra. You portrayed that very well in my opinion.

If you want advice or feel annoyed about typos (I don’t really care personally about typos because I actually enjoy seeing typos on this website because it reminds me why I like it.) you could use like a fluency webisite or whatever.

Never feel that you have to listen to what I say, I just say what’s on my mind. I’m a nerd like that. ;) also sorry this is so long. I’m weird like that.

Love this story! You are a good writer.
7/23 c3 NaoSa
4/30 c6 Guest
No. That's not how it works. Kendra can't lose her fairykind, plus she would have a bunch of extra power from the crown anyway, so Bracken would win against Ronodin anyway. Good work thinking of this, I can see you put in a bunch of effort, but just doesn't really make sense. Brandon Mull's ending was better. Sorry.
4/20 c6 Guest
I really loved it! And I can definitely imagine how upset Warren is. Stay safe!
4/18 c6 19Yakall
I loved how you showed the bond between Kendra and Warren! You did it really well! Keep on going this is great!
4/13 c5 Wolf Lover27
It’s fine that’s it’s short. And it was amazing keep writing and stay safe.
4/12 c5 Guest
This was really good! Just a quick reminder that in third person it’s past tense not present, so is would be was
4/12 c5 Yakall
I wonder what happens next! Fabulous as usual
3/23 c4 Wolf Lover27
I just love how the story is turning out. U really r an amazing writer.
3/22 c4 Yakall
I totally hate online school as well, and I’ll look forward to more chapters :) thanks for the mention as well, that really brightens my day and has me fist pumping like crazy ;)
2/29 c3 Wolf lover27
I loved the chapter as well, and no rush to update.
2/29 c3 Jesussavedevenme
I LOVE THIS! You are so amazing and I can't wait to read more!
2/29 c3 Yakall
I really like we’re this is going, you have wonderful ideas and I’m gonna follow you through this till it ends. Seriously you are immensely talented and I love your work. Your plot line is good and the way you write the characters as well, don’t stop.
2/19 c2 Wolf lover27
I just really loved it. Update soon
2/19 c1 Wolf lover27
I loved it! R u gonna make a part 2?
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