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for The Last Battle

4/20 c6 Guest
I really loved it! And I can definitely imagine how upset Warren is. Stay safe!
4/18 c6 21Yakall
I loved how you showed the bond between Kendra and Warren! You did it really well! Keep on going this is great!
4/13 c5 Wolf Lover27
It’s fine that’s it’s short. And it was amazing keep writing and stay safe.
4/12 c5 Guest
This was really good! Just a quick reminder that in third person it’s past tense not present, so is would be was
4/12 c5 Yakall
I wonder what happens next! Fabulous as usual
3/23 c4 Wolf Lover27
I just love how the story is turning out. U really r an amazing writer.
3/22 c4 Yakall
I totally hate online school as well, and I’ll look forward to more chapters :) thanks for the mention as well, that really brightens my day and has me fist pumping like crazy ;)
2/29 c3 Wolf lover27
I loved the chapter as well, and no rush to update.
2/29 c3 Jesussavedevenme
I LOVE THIS! You are so amazing and I can't wait to read more!
2/29 c3 Yakall
I really like we’re this is going, you have wonderful ideas and I’m gonna follow you through this till it ends. Seriously you are immensely talented and I love your work. Your plot line is good and the way you write the characters as well, don’t stop.
2/19 c2 Wolf lover27
I just really loved it. Update soon
2/19 c1 Wolf lover27
I loved it! R u gonna make a part 2?
2/19 c2 3Jesus saved even me
Yay! Can't wait!
2/19 c1 21Yakall
Ooh, this is gonna turn out amazing! Can’t wait for more!
2/18 c1 3Jesus saved even me
This is really good! I love this idea and can't wait to see where you take it!
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