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4/26 c19 1Deatybringer3101
4/22 c1 Dice-King
Here is the right link: channel/UC9Gt9zg0vsmh-21zwVN5epQ
4/22 c64 Dice-King
Great chapter.

Assuming you still take recommendations could you check this out to see if you are interested in using it for your story.

Link: c/Broogli/videos?view0&sortda&flowlist
4/22 c63 PSYCongroo
Amo esta historia.
Thanks for the chapter.
4/21 c2 1LoudOpinions
interesting second chapter. easy enough for me to follow so far as someone who doesn't anything about SAW (except for dead by daylight. isn't there a pig or something in saw?)
4/21 c1 LoudOpinions
kinda dislike the entire, you have no choice, thing. pretty bad start for a gamer fic, if you ask me, but i'm still interested to see where this goes.
4/18 c62 Dice-King
Hey I am a long time fan who recently got account and I wanted to say that this story is my favorite gamer fic.

I have a question, are you still going to manhunt and hunger games? I have vague memories of you mentioning them.
4/18 c62 Poundweed
Great chapter as per usual. I thought Freddy would be more of a challenge than that, something like Kramer, but not as smart and skilled. Turns out, he was weak to some dude's mind asshole or something.

For perks, what do you think of giving him Iron will from DbD somewhere along the line? I think it would go well with your story as it helps you hide. Just tweak it a bit with your perk system and it will be gucci.

Also, maybe give him some killer perks? Obviously, he is not a killer in THAT sense, but it would be an interesting thing to do. I'm all ears, as an example, whenever an enemy does a rushed action (just fast actions) within 48 meters of you, you will see their aura for 6 seconds. Just give it a fair cooldown and it will aid him sometime.

Hope to read you again soon!
4/16 c62 3FaintestMist
I don't know if you intend to give Freddy the Kramer treatment (powerup) if he ever returns or if you decided to explore other titles.
I like the theme of exploring what makes the Gamer powers tick, something that is seldom explored. Having Pennywise do what he did made set this fic on a different road and I have to say I like what I see.
4/15 c62 IncognitoMinerals
You kept calling Freddy, Kramer. Did I just miss something, or have you still got the salty Saw DM on your brain?
4/15 c60 ice.nickolas27
YAY! YOU'RE BACK! I love this story so much. It is such a nice divergence from the typical gamer fic and is a very VERY good read. thank you and I ALWAYS look forward to a new chapter
4/14 c61 2dragonbornthesam
Perk Idea:
High Dividends F
For every 100 perk points invested on an ally, the user receives 1 back to spend on themselves. All purchases for companions decrease by 2%.
Or something like that. Regardless, it still is nice to see him take the route of getting as many allies as possible, to fight off these guys. Poor Freddy, never could have seen the fact that he is facing a pyromaniac, and considering that he died in a fire, well...
4/13 c60 2Just an Anime Fan
I think the alien isolation thing would be pretty interesting specially since apparently you would play as the alien
4/13 c60 Poundweed
Finally, some good fucking update

Happy to see you again in my fav stories updates, great chapter as usual.

"You can focus your obsession on any serial killer and forge a connection between you that will let you find them and understand their works, but be warned. The connection goes both ways." This right here looks to me like an altered pre-nerf Object of Obsession from dbd. I think this game's perks can give you a couple of ideas for Macgyver, if you haven't thought of that yet.

Hope to see you again soon!
4/13 c14 Extradimensional Dragon
Gonna be honest the whole shapeshifting thing kind of detracts from the enjoyment a bit for me. I'm fully willing to buy into the other gamer benefits but unlocking shapeshifting just so dude doesn't have to stay a girl anymore is a bit of a letdown.
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