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for The Legacy of Shisui of the Body Flicker

5/3 c4 abiyudtom015
thanks for the chapter
4/21 c4 BlueMapple
Ok, a Shisui reincarnated as Harry Potter is cool but...

I'm worried about the story's developement. For now it seems to strongly follow the canon. You won't do that, right ? I mean, this is a fanfiction. You will take in consideration the butterfly effect... right ? Besides, Shisui is his own person and an "adult" in a child body, there is no way that he will have the same discours, the same interactions, the same friends and the same reactions to certain events.

Shisui is a prodigy and he is described as a very wise character, not easly manipulable and also not narrow-minded. He is a hard-worker and love to explore things in depth. He has also a great comprehension of life and death. Compared to him, Harry was average, not a hard worker, unwise, easly influenced by Ron's point-of-view and Albus's opinions, had a big hero complex, was opiniated and had little interest to study magic (as lazy as Ron).

I hope you will take all of that in consideration and not just make him do and say the same things as canon Harry. It could even completely change the canon and the outcome of certain events. I hope so at least.
4/20 c4 Guest
daaaaam,you gotta updte...still good
4/15 c4 I Judicator
Thanks for writing. Hopefully you don't view it as a burden. You just have to write the parts you like that are different than canon. We all know the canon story. :) Maybe that helps?
4/15 c4 2TrenchcoatMan
The snake scene went about as expected with Shisui. He's much too in control of his emotions to actually have much accidental magic, but it's definitely important that he learn about his Parselmouth abilities now so he can make the most of them.

As much as I love Hedwig, I'd quite like to see him bring a snake to Hogwarts as a pet, after all, they clearly let people ignore the rules about pets, from time to time.

4/15 c4 4uflesh940
Also, am I the only one who thinks "Harry" belongs in Hufflepuff? Hard work and loyalty are something he has in spades, after all.
4/15 c4 uflesh940
Awesome! Keep it up!
4/15 c4 bescobder
I have a cuestión
Since Shisui is smart enough to know that the behavior of Dursleys is not accepted by society why he doesn't do anything about it?
Maybe he feels he deserves that?
Or simply doesnt care because he has endured worse stuff?
4/15 c4 MagicalCatgirl68
Loving this story especially when he flashes back to the village and the massacre it kind helps me think that Harry may develope more into Shsui in from the way dreams happen . I'm thinking an odd thought he actually developes the Sharigan by book 2. During the dueling club scene.
4/15 c4 1TBM10
While it was interesting, you just put Harry through the motions. You didn't display his inner thoughts, his training, both physical and magical, and you didn't display the confidence of a veteran ninja. No ninja would take these insults lying down, even if they somehow lost their chakra.
Either way, good chapter
Keep updating
Thank you
4/15 c4 2Aguy.SB
Seems super unrealistic to have Shisui act like Harry. Big difference in background, tolerance, mentality, etc.
4/14 c4 zapeli8
You're not wrong about the repetition, but we also get to see more and more of Shisui's personality and behaviour so it still works.
4/14 c4 SkylerHollow
Thanks for the chapter.
4/14 c4 Benjamin Romero
Me encanta la historia sigue así
4/14 c4 7jh831
Hope you have 'harry' acting more of a confident ninja in the future
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