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6/22 c1 2VainlyInsane
Tendrael, your stories make me sad. They're well written, clever, and have great characters, and none of them are finished, which makes me sad.
6/15 c8 Surion1243
Awesome fanfic, voldemort is awosme and funny, Harry is so lost delphini is swearing all the time and barty is so cool!
Keep going like that!
5/18 c8 8Kagyuubi
Please continue with this! We were just getting to the good stuff. Thanks for sharing!
5/10 c8 2udm17
Got this as an recommendation from someone, but this is a great read. The chemistry between Voldie and Barty as well as the plot are really well written.
5/4 c8 BreadofLoaf
Waiting for the day Voldemort, the Morally Grey Genius uses a modified Banishing Cage spell as *Horny Jail* for Barty.
4/9 c7 2DebaterMax
You have the phrase people watch in I think the last chapter that’s a small grammar error I’d note but still can’t wait for more
4/8 c8 5Planar-Walking-Entertainment
Dang, This iteration of voldemort is throwing me through all sorts of loops. I would love, love-love-LOVE, to see more of this when you get the chance!
4/7 c8 damnboyhethicc
Oh wow this story is tremendous! I’m absolutely living for cringe voldemum. I don’t know what your plans are for Harry and Delphi but personally I think them as a couple would be very interesting and I would love to read that! Thank you 3
4/1 c8 sun1995
really like this Story. Hope there will be many more Chapters in the Future
3/24 c8 CoffeeCakeGlaze
I think I can roughly guess at Voldemort's plans right now. If the canon!Voldemort represents far right extremism, and Dumbledore (both in canon and in this fic) represents a well-intentioned-but-ultimately-ineffective liberal centrism, then Unseen Perspective!Voldemort is *probably* going to stand for actual revolutionary leftism-or something among those lines, at least.
3/23 c8 auhpwriter
This story is really great, maybe in my Top 5 of all time even. It is somewhat light-hearted, somewhat less serious than my other favourites, but it works brilliantly in its own way.

Voldemort is very interesting, and her goals remain as shrouded as ever. Though we did get something of a hint in this chapter with Regulus specifically, I shall be waiting for the reveal of her true goals patiently. One of the more interesting plot points of this fic, in my opinion.

Also, Sirius Black, a very distant blood relation, 12 years in Azkaban, probably insane VS. Emily Evans, a very close blood relation, no 12 years in Azkaban, seems pretty sane.

I think the Ministry will really have a difficult time choosing, it's not as Dumbledore says, it isn't really a done deal in my opinion. The only thing Sirius really has going for him is the fact that he's Godfather.

Ohh, I wonder if Voldemort will show up in a courtroom to claim custody or something. That would just be hilarious, though perhaps a tad unrealistic.

Anyway, enough ramblings from me, this story is amazing - perhaps your best one - and I will be eagerly waiting for updates.

3/20 c8 NazgulBelserion
Honestly I want him to join her Her side is so much more interesting and I can see what she wants in a way a Magical Revolution to change the magical world
3/19 c8 Cesar17
This doesn't add up to me, it just doesn't add up to me, as far as I understand canon voldemort's actions still have an impact even on this AU, While there are changes to suit "lady voldemort". That still doesn't mean that a lot of shit done by canon voldemort can't just disappear like that.

She kill Harry's parents, as even Harry Potter considers her, I kill her parents, he should hate her to death, but he seems too far from himself. How then are the actions of this new Lady Voldemort and her "Death Eaters" supposed to be explained in a way that doesn't make them look like heartless killers?

Fenrir is practically the one who bit Remus Luppin "when he was a kid". How is this Fenrir going to explain such a thing in this AU? The muggle massacre caused by both Voldemort and his army, where are they left? Was it a lie in this AU? The mass murder caused by the giants who followed voldemort ¿where is it?. That is a difficult thing to clean. Aside from the torture of Neville's parents at the hands of Bellatrix, Barty Jr., and the rest of the lextrenges (Which ended badly and earned them a long stay in Azkaban). that as it affects this story, it is impossible to sanctify that action.

Lady voldemort like her canon version, divided her soul into means he killed 7 people just like in canon. Of which many would be innocent, how is that explained in this AU?. There is literally no way to sanctify Voldemort no matter what version they put him, he is still a mass murderer, if Harry Potter uses common sense there is no way he will choose to side with Lady voldemort never in her life. If there is no clear explanation to excuse lady voldemort's actions from his canon version, there is no way Potter would buy such a bad tale and allow it to The murderer of your family is your legal hell, logic as hell goes, if something or so will happen.

There are too many actions committed by voldemort that simply cannot be cleaned, perhaps those who do not know them will find it easy to forget, but for me it is difficult to see any version of voldemort How "Not so evil and not so deadly cold blooded killer". I still have my doubts as to whether this version of Voldemort can be excused. "Lady voldemort" seems nice, but there is no way to clean the murderous story from its canon version.
3/18 c8 Shadowguy015
I really like this story. I hope Harry becomes a Animagus. I did catch that voldi only promised to make sure Peter gets his punishment from the government but nothing about not releasing him with the other death eaters in prison.
3/16 c8 Dudeman7
I am really enjoying this story so far, I liked limpieza de sangre a lot when I read it and if this carries on in the way it's going I think it'll be better. Giving Harry someone around his age is brilliant and I really like Delphine so far, a proper moody teenager and I've found her interactions with Voldemort to be great. Can't wait to read more and thanks.
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