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7/3 c14 Surion1243
Excellent chapter thank you!
7/3 c14 15stevem1
Good chapter. At first I was skeptical that Voldemort would let Tonks, an obvious spy, join her club, then she explained her reasoning and it made a lot of sense.
7/2 c14 4Chaos Snow Kitsune
Well that was a fun chapter.

I really look forward to seeing more of Tonks. It'll no doubt be fun seeing her squirm. I'm hopeful that she will end up being converted to the 'dark' side... Mostly because I am still holding out hope that she will be paired with Harry. Though also because I just like the idea of Tonks switching sides.
7/2 c14 1TheGreatBubbaJ
Seems everyone is having fun. Well, not Snape, but he is never having fun.
7/2 c14 WrathofAjax
so I've been following this story for a while and only recently got around to reading the full thing. I really like how this isn't a harry/Voldemort pairing. mind you, I kind of prefer femvoldemort stories with that pairing, but this is a good chance of pace.
7/1 c14 1Secundum
Weird question, but could a metamorph impregnate themself with artificial insemination and create what would essentially be a clone of themself?
7/1 c14 3LeftFootLetsStomp
Another incredible chapter. love the work!
7/1 c14 Guest
Ah, the good old "metamorphs are immortal because they control LITERALLY everything about their body" trope.
Only ever seen it once, been my headcanon ever since.

Tina is cool. Barty is cooler. Everyone bullying Lucius while "perfect noble lady" Narcissa is drunk-giggling at nothing...
I could continue the list of the reasons I love this story, but honestly? The day isn't sufficiently long for that.
7/1 c14 phineasn
This fix is becoming one of my favorites! Great plot. And real characters. I just loved the Tina angle and asking Tonks for a sperm sample!
Bellatrix comes out like a crazy Genius!
7/1 c14 2Murasame999
Another amazing chapter! can't wait to see more of tonks and voldie!
7/1 c14 iamshinydragonmist
loving this I want tonks to tell sirus's want Bellatrix want and to see Hermione's reaction to that
7/1 c14 7udkudk
Another great chapter
5/17 c13 11NonsensicalRants
You made one sggregiojs sin in this chapter.

Not telling us what the badges said. It is one of my favorite running gangs in fanfiction that M.O.M(What I call the female AI voice in control of the ministry of magic) is a sarcastic ass and gives venemous or comedic badges to people.

It was also a little too "exposition dumpy" at the end with a little too much "telling not showing" throughout. But only a little. Some of these story beats seem like they would be better off as a second story instead of tacked onto this one in my opinion.

But otherwise no complaints.
5/16 c13 2Murasame999
Amazing chapter, keep up the great work!
5/16 c13 2VainlyInsane
So with a new chapter, I've gone back to reread the whole story and for some reason I've turned Rookwood into Freddy Mercury in the I Want to Break Free music video. I love Kreacher's... attempt at following orders, and the story in general.
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