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for A Little Cough

3/12 c3 Mr. Shortman92
Aww. Well, it was a little abrupt, but altogether not a bad ending.
3/12 c2 Mr. Shortman92
Very cute chapter! Cedric's nightmares were not fun, but Sofia helping take care of him was sweet. Glad he seems okay now, somewhat.
3/11 c1 Mr. Shortman92
Very good description of his symptoms. I'm actually sick right now myself, though not this bad. But, I have definitely been in his shoes before, and so I love how relatable this is! Sounds like the Flu. The resting part I don't mind, it's everything else about it that sucks. Haha.
3/2 c3 155Royal Detective
Aw, and he will one day.
3/2 c3 16allyrwhitney
This was a great ending! I really liked this story!
3/2 c3 80theblindwriter95
Aw... Use the complete button so people don’t expect another chapter.
2/26 c2 SofiaLOVER
Yay, I’m so happy that Mr Cedric is getting better... that was sooo sweet. xx Great chapter.
2/26 c1 SofiaLOVER
OH NO! Poor Mr. Cedric..l hope he’s doing well. Luckily, Sofia saw him...xx Loved this chapter. xx
2/26 c2 155Royal Detective
This very interesting. I'm excited to see more.
2/25 c2 16allyrwhitney
This was a great chapter! I'm really liking this story. I look forward to the next chapter.
2/21 c1 80theblindwriter95
Update when you can.
2/20 c1 16allyrwhitney
Poor Cedric. I look forward to the next chapter.
2/20 c1 Esther Sandi
Continue please, I'm intrigued xd. I loved it!

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