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for Creatures of the Ninth World

9/29/2020 c7 38ChocolateTeapot
This is a cool idea and the drabbles are well done!

The Celestial Singer’s thoughts about the only things that mattered was quite moving.

The Protodidact saying it aspired to the form of a cupcake made me laugh. I also liked its thoughts about what a cupcake was.

The repetition of “did not know this” in the Broken Hound’s entry worked well. His feelings about the woman who saved him were touching.

The build of the Llaric Scorpion’s experimentation with its music on the humans that were hunting her was nicely done.

The end of Pride and Piracy was great.

I really liked the feline perspective on reality hopping and shaping. The last line was powerful.

The description of the Kiprus’ passage was great. I liked paying its respects before absorbing the remains of the past.

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