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for The Heavenly Mistake

5/17 c19 friendFatima
just gonna say a hundred times : love dean
4/3 c20 29Secretwrittenword
Fantastic final chapter Blondie! I’ve really enjoyed this story. I was a little sad that Jess didn’t go with Sam but I bet her point. That world was her home. Happy that Michael didn't fall for Gods lies. Will we see a sequel? Perhaps the events Chuck saw?
Can’t wait to see what you come up with next.
4/2 c20 11Malic Malic
Michael confronting his father like that, calling 'bullshit' and in the end forgiving himself was the best damn this I read all week. Thank you.
4/1 c20 139ncsupnatfan
Liked the ending and glad you left Michael there. It did work out better and I like how you had him stand up to Chuck. Good work. NC
4/1 c20 38vrskaandrea
That was one helluva ending. Chuck screwed the pooch by letting Jack get his powers back, big mistake buddy. I loved that in the end, Michael saw right through Chuck. And seeing How, oh, wow. An amazing ending. ️
3/20 c19 29Secretwrittenword
Awesome chapter! Gotta love a good fight sequence where the good guys come out on top! Great plan by Dean, always knew he was the smart one!
3/20 c19 11Malic Malic
I loved how you wrote that about Michael punishing himself and not letting himself heal, emotionally, and therefore physically as well. That was a nice little psychological insight into his state of mind. Well done.
3/20 c19 139ncsupnatfan
Nice chapter and it was right that Dean took Raphael out. Good job. Now where are you going? With Raphael out of the way maybe this world can start healing? Sam had Dean back nice ending. NC
3/20 c19 38vrskaandrea
That was an awesome chapter. Poor Gabe, he had his ass whooped, but at least you didn't kill him.
And hellz yeah, Dean is back, bitches! Dean Winchester kicks ass! Woooooooohooooo!
3/10 c18 11Malic Malic
Broke my damn heart.
Raphael is such an asshole.
3/9 c18 29Secretwrittenword
I’m so glad they stopped Jack before he completely destroyed his soul. I certainly hope Gabriel can stop that complete winged douche bag!
3/9 c18 139ncsupnatfan
Nice chapter and poor Jack he tried so hard to kill R but couldn't do it. Like seeing Michael and Gabriel together. Hope Gabriel is right and he can handle it. How will Jack be changed and will he accept the love from the others? I do hope Michael gets his wings back, sounds very painful. NC
3/9 c18 38vrskaandrea
Don't you dare kill Gabriel, you hear me?! Lol.
Please don't kill my baby.
I liked that you chose not to have Jack use up all of his soul for this.
3/5 c17 friendFatima
my heart really felt for Micheal... and the way everybody felt for him too i just liked it...
please update soon i really wanna see what happens in the next chapter... the story is heating up...
3/3 c17 29Secretwrittenword
Awesome update! Seems Michael and Dean have something in common, they are both stubborn as hell! There’s a nice little romance brewing between Sam and Jessica, hopefully they both make it out of that hellish place so they can explore it further.
I really, really hope Jack steals Raphaels grace before he kills him!
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