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for Star Trek Hunter Ep 16: Slavers

10/2/2020 c19 3Solasnagreine
I love how they found the solution by looking at it the wrong way! Your a genius!
10/2/2020 c18 Solasnagreine
Just wondering what your thoughts are on the prime directive?
The cardassian drink sounds foul, it seems Minerva likes it!
10/1/2020 c5 Solasnagreine
That was me I keep forgetting to log in!
10/1/2020 c5 Guest
Things get more scary by the minute, I’m not sure who is worse Remma or the Vulcan torturing her. As for kolinahr they should stop it! Also section 31 ... more stuff of nightmares!
10/1/2020 c1 12Kehlan
Now, thats an interesting concept, the flight suit. I like the idea and you use it very nicely.
8/1/2020 c6 Guest
Poor Pomm indeed! Solas!

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