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for How To Destroy An Angel

2/23 c1 cyndylayne
It felt like they gave just to take things away over and over relentlessly
2/22 c1 Kaycee
He sure went through a lot in his life time to prove himself worthy to anyone and everyone!
2/21 c1 sirensblasting
Everything he did was a test but how they went about it sure did stink at times
2/21 c1 monstergirlshoes
Can I just say I love how you TITLE stories?! They're always so perfect
2/21 c1 captainswan1105
I wish they would have shown more of him "dealing" with having to carry that memory around on Angel: The series
2/21 c1 whattheducks
Liked the short story!
2/21 c1 Guest
All your broken luck

They sure did have some shit ways of handeling him didn’t they

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