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for I would bend Heavan and earth

9/2 c3 1Dirt Rider 712
Excellent, thank you!

Dirt Rider
7/24 c1 Guest
4/23 c3 s9ecm75lhrvsap
Great story, an absolute pleasure to read! Kudos and lots of thanks to keithallen!
4/23 c2 s9ecm75lhrvsap
Fantastic! This is so enjoyable :) - an absolute recommendation, but you have to read the prequel first.


Anticipation Of A New Lover's Arrival, The (GSV, Plate class)
4/23 c1 s9ecm75lhrvsap
Ohhhhh! Just found by chance that here"s a sequel to one of my favorite stories! I'm so happy...
3/19 c3 Guest
3/19 c2 Guest
3/19 c1 Guest
2/24 c3 Mad MikeE
OUTSTANDING! Thanks for this! (Got any more ideas?...)
2/23 c3 Guest
Very well done. I enjoyed your character Anne, nice comedic touch
2/24 c3 24olischulu
Thank you.

Just thank you
2/24 c3 2crankshaft7
I loved this story and I'm so happy you decided to add it to make "I Do it for You" have a little less sad of an ending. I only wish it hadn't ended so soon.
2/22 c3 KAS
A much more satisfying ending than the original.
Thank you!
2/22 c3 Guest
John Henry didn't really thought it through. One simple thing he'd have to add is some sort of reservoir for Catherine in that suit, behind the protective layers. Given that she's able to split, it wouldn't even be necessary to fit in her whole body, just minimal amount that allows her operate.
2/22 c3 KirkSauber
Much better ending to the original story arc.
Far more satisfying
Thank you

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