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7/14/2022 c14 1Andrea1984
How can a mother forget her own child?


7/14/2022 c15 Andrea1984
I dont like Susan.
What is she doing with Shirley?

Gilbert has an affair. Oh no.

Poor Anne.


7/14/2022 c16 Andrea1984
Shirley was born 02.04.1897, not 1898.
My mistake. Sorry.

What a Story. Wow.


3/12/2021 c16 2Kim Blythe
I am glad that madame Elliott is on Anne's side with this !

And, I think that it is pretty cool that everyone refers to Shirley and Rilla, as twins, well, irish twins, because, being a twin is the best thing !
3/12/2021 c15 Kim Blythe
Susan always coming to the rescue...

I love that !
3/12/2021 c14 Kim Blythe
Oh, now, this is even more scandalous than Gilbert's cousin who took a dancer for a mistress while already being married...

Gilbert Blythe, having an affair with the maid ?!

Gilbert Blythe, having a kid with the maid ?!

This is oh so very scandalous, but I don't think something like this have already been done before !
3/12/2021 c12 Kim Blythe
Of course Anne and Gilbert will have offer for them to adopt baby Shirley, instead of bringing him at the orphanage...

The choc of Rilla not knowing that her mother was adopted at the end, I think is a common thing to happen with a youngest child in a family, because, sometimes, children leave in their own world, and they dont pay attention, and they only realize some things, later in life !
3/12/2021 c9 Kim Blythe
So, George, Gilbert's cousin, who calls him Gilbo, actually have an official wife who's name is Rebecca and, he has another wife or a mistress, named Emily, and they have a baby together that they will be dropping off at the orphanage before making their way to Europe...

This is all so very scandalous...
3/12/2021 c7 Kim Blythe
Wait a minute ?! Shirley was adopted ?!

I cannot wait to read all about that story...
3/12/2021 c6 Kim Blythe
I see, Shirley as two birthday cake because of the date on Susan's diary and of the actual day that he was born !
3/11/2021 c5 Kim Blythe
This story of how Shirley got to have two birthday cakes for his birthday seems to be going on for a few more chapters, I am really captivated by all of this and I am really intrigued to learn more, but, I am going to wait for tomorrow or a next day, to continue with this story...
3/11/2021 c1 Kim Blythe
Interesting... Really, you gave us an insight into what could have went on between the real writer of Anne, Maud and her editor... I repeat, this is very interesting !
10/10/2020 c2 7TheRogue704
Isn't Mr Meredith the Presbyterian minister
6/13/2020 c12 1Andrea1984
What a story.
Poor Shirley.

6/13/2020 c7 Andrea1984
Whats about Shirley?

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