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4/6 c3 11Buttercrush
Another exciting installment!

Me, recognizing Amber and Kyra off the bat: Oh I know them!
Loving these recognizable faces, even if they're just OCs and not recognizable to all readers.

I'm also really enjoying your worldbuilding, and how you're pulling things together without the Time Travel excuse the game uses so heavily. I know it's a hurdle I've had to tackle, so it's nice to see how others handle it too.

I want to smack Eddy across the face, but that's a good thing! Characterizing a crappy character like that worries me, I always feel like I go too far or not enough, but you've pulled it off perfectly.

Can't wait to see how she progresses in the world as a true solider!
3/14 c2 Buttercrush
I'm a few days late, but oooooooh! I'm so excited to finally get to sit down and read this!

I love seeing Atomic Betty getting mentioned, (especially since she's due to make her Roxieverse appearance here soon as well!) I already know both and me are suckers for the obscure characters, so seeing her, as well as Nergal Jr and Mr. Green, make me so happy! I'm glad we can always rely on fanfic to get our favorites to get in on the FusionFall action.

I've always written my characters as blacking out right as the invasion begins, so seeing Alice be subjected to the terror of her school collapsing is exciting, though not in a giddy way. I almost feel as scared as she is with how you describe it. It was a perfect time for her to start discovering what she's capable of too!

Interesting to note that Alice didn't jump at the opportunity when Dexter called for volunteers, so I'm looking forward to see how she gets roped into it, as well as what she can do with her powers. At least she's with the Professor right now! If anyone could help her with having superhuman abilities, it's definitely him!

A great and action packed chapter, Kyra! Looking forward to the next one!
3/13 c2 Torham
Ohoho, this is going to be fun. So, Fuse already made his move and Alice finally told the Professor she has some kind of power... but she does not seem to know how to use them correctly, or at all.

Nice chapter, Dexter's speech was well written, one can really feel the uncertainty about the unknown invaders coming from the message as well as the urgency to finally inform the public, even if the invaders are an unknown so far. Also his snap at Computress suggest a rather problematic psychic state of the young genius. This is gonna hurt.
2/23 c1 Torham
I've landed on this story by random, somehow. I am starting to like the story a lot. Awful giant bucket of emotions at the start and then the damn bombshell. What a beginning... I feel somewhat sorry for Alice, like losing her mother and learning of her E.T. origins in quick succession is nothing healthy for the mind of a 12-years old teenager girl.

I'll be sure to give What Gets Me Through War a read (if it's still available), I have not read it, or maybe I've read it very long ago and forgot...

Good job, and I am stoked for continuation.
2/22 c1 Buttercrush
Ooooh, yes! I've been so excited for this! Reading What Gets Me Through the War back in the day was part of the inspiration that lead me to start writing the many iterations of the Roxie fic. Knowing the previous was so good, I can't wait to see how the rewrite turns out!

What a somber opening. I really feel bad for Alice. I know what it's like to be shy and stuck in a situation where you're basically the center of attention. She handled it well, for the most part! If Roxie existed in this universe, you know she'd be right up there with the rest of them giving Alice the biggest hug.

All this information being piled onto her has to be stressful. I hope she can find the time to recover from the news of her origins before You-Know-Who rears his ugly head... er, planet ;)

Muriel is such a fun character to write for, and I love to see her being so supportive to Alice, and for her to fill the mother figure sized hole she now has in her life. I hope she'll be someone Alice can turn to in order to vent about all the hardships she's about to face.

I'll be patiently awaiting the next chapter! Great work, Kyra!

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