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10/11 c12 Pop
So good to see Martina healing, and making underlying progress even if there are setbacks along the way. Nice that Joey and Martina get to enjoy life together after all they’ve been through. Sad that it’s the last one, would love to know what Belle gets up to in the future.
10/5 c11 Pop
Apologies for late review - managed to miss this update, this is the 1st evening I’ve come straight in from work for ages. This is a great chapter, the work up to the row was brilliant. So glad that Martina is beginning to get her relationship straight with her mam, and get a better understanding of her one with Joey. Looking forward to the next chapter.
8/28 c10 Pop
What a lovely chapter, Joey being there for Martina and Martina being there for Joey. And what a poignant ending, and maybe some closure for her around Shifty.
8/5 c9 9Poppinbottlesintheice
Brilliant - Joey blocking Roxy and Oscar, and Martina getting a little bit of re-assurance at the end.
7/11 c8 Poppinbottlesintheice
Love this, Joey getting the better of Roxy and the way Roxy has aged. Nice relationship between Martina and Belle, and it is so sweet with Joey and Martina.
6/26 c7 Poppinbottlesintheice
How distressing for Martina, and what is Joey thinking of putting Oscar in front of her. Beautifully written as usual.
6/7 c6 Poppinbottlesintheice
So pleased Martina has told DSS what to do with their job, and that she is able to snatch some quality time with Joey. Love the relationship between her and Annabelle. Great that Joey has avoided being pulled into Oscar’s game.
5/22 c5 Poppinbottlesintheice
Poor Martina. I’m in the garden so it’s hay fever that’s making my eyes water. What a powerful chapter. So glad Joey is dealing with Oscar better.
5/9 c4 Pop
What a moving chapter. So glad Martina has managed to talk to her brother before his death. Belle is definitely a chip off the Boswell block.
5/2 c3 Pop
Annabelle is great - just how you’d expect an offspring of Joey and Martina to be, but with that vulnerable bit we all have as teens when our certainties are disturbed. The insight into Martina is amazing, and Joey realising how he’s been letting her down. Glad he deleted text from Oscar though.
4/15 c2 Poppinbottlesintheice
This is such a wonderful update. Poor Martina - all her certainties coming crashing down. And Joey, never free of Roxy even if it's now through Oscar. It's fascinating how the cumulative things have built up and up until they've come to a tipping point.
2/24 c1 Pop
Oh wow, what an amazing piece of writing. Joey’s love just shines through and Martina’s frailty is so moving. I love the build up.
2/23 c1 Weds
On my. This brought tears to my eyes.

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