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8/12 c6 ER-47
Great story
4/24 c6 haseosamaa
ohh no more ? im interrested to see the citadel contact the republic , come on
4/3 c5 dragon44pride
Hope the Councilors try something and then gets an Unpleasant surprise. Also did you DIE?
2/13 c3 Guest
You know I would think they would have a lot of ships hundreds of thousands of spaceships
2/12 c1 Dasgun
1/4 c6 evattude
Great chapter! Cant wait to see more!
11/2/2020 c2 Archivest Grim
This seems promising, but also recommend making the galaxy overall larger, since it would be extremely nonsensical if all these civilization's existed in one Milkyway, it's a bit too small for that, but overall pretty good story lad, and I would like to see where it goes, also recommend making use of a Codex with weapon tech, ships and all that in detail like firepower and other little things.
Despite many grammar and spelling mistakes the idea looks really promising and seem to have a good idea with some multi crossovers that can rarely work depending on how many writers involved but looks promising
10/22/2020 c6 2Gerhman Remington
I gotta admit you built up the republic masterfully and fused it in a way that's believable
9/20/2020 c6 Guest
Why not make the 40k space marines clones troops like the spartans.
9/9/2020 c6 Guest
Forma resintonizada de este Fanfiction Crossover.
Star Mass:Interestellar Effect.
Sagas combinadas.
.Warhammer 40.000
.Star Wars(Naves espaciales de las diferentes epocas y las especies de Star Wars,la Fuerza no existe)
.Mass Effect

Facciones existentes y aliadas con la Republica.
.Imperio Tau
.Imperio Aeldari
.Culto Jedi(en este caso,una civilización interestelar alienigena con poderes pisiquicos y telepáticos)

Antagonistas de este Fanfiction Crossover.
.Recolectores-Mass Effect
.Segadores-Mass Effect
.Orkos-Warhammer 40.000
.Yu'Vath-Warhammer 40.000
.Bandas criminales y mercenarias,fuerzas piratas y criminales compositoras de la TC
.Saren Arterius

Los eventos de la trilogía ME,desde Mass Effect 1 hasta el espectacular final de Mass Effect 3
.Primer contacto de la Republica y entidades subsidiarias aliadas con los Batarianos y Turianos
.La formacion de la Republica y su papel y diferentes especies en el Espacio del Consejo Citadel
.La batalla de la Ciudadela,incluyendo la llegada de 2 grandes flotas separadas de naves estelares
.La destruccion de la DMZ y la posterior alianza y ayuda humanitarias brindadas a los Krogan
.Posterior alianza y rivalidades al mismo tiempo forjadas entre los Kroot con la raza Krogan
.Relaciones,opiniones y reacciones de las diferentes especies Warhammer,Star Wars y ME
.La comunidad intergalactica de la Republica y sus aliados y su relacion con el Consejo
.La aparicion de variedad de naves espaciales y especies inteligentes y no inteligentes de Star Wars
8/1/2020 c6 candel06
This is great! I hope you choose to continue. The way you have combined the various universes is quite ingenious. Keep up the good work
7/19/2020 c6 Guest
if the citadel meets the republic senates they should be called the "THE REPUBLIC OF THE GALACTIC ALLIANCE".
7/15/2020 c6 dragon44pride
Please don't Stop at this
6/27/2020 c5 Sword Assassin
If the korgan join the Republic then the Citadel will be angry then
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