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4/10 c6 AshSupport
Republic victory please. And yes, do blame it on the Citadel Species and the Batarians. They had months to have both the language and the history codexes. I am sure they can have recordings of the Batarians calling for their 'supremacy' and bringing back home slaves.

All the same, please, please do continue this ever eventful story. And voting still on victory for the Republic.
3/24 c5 Mark1
Thank you again for the update... Amihan?.. Who's next? Pirena?... Just asking... Peace
3/24 c5 AshSupport
Republic victory is inevitable. Considering how diverse and able to adapt, the technological differences. Yes, Republic Victory please and not joining the Citadel for the war about to open due to this.
3/24 c5 1Coment9
You know if you have the TOE of the republic’s military forces then you wouldn’t have to add the exact numbers.
3/18 c4 SpiderTerran
Hello, I am a fan of your work, I just want if you can, as a personal favor, include these species of STAR WARS and WING COMMANDER so that I can enrich YOUR SHARED UNIVERSE ARE: Huragok, Unggoy, Jiralhanae, Yanme'e, Kig-Yar, Lekgolo, Vulcans, Sangheili, San 'Shyuum, Raloi, Zeltrons, Yonhet, Le'Tso, Sharquoi, Diatim, Sephi, Mon Calamari, Trianii, Quarren, Tytthinianos, Bothans, Lasat, Na'vi, Twi' leks, Gunganos, Zabrak , Cathars, Echani, Umbarans, Miraluka, Mirialana, Togruta, Nautolan, Iktotchi, Ithorian, Selkath, Wookie, Rodians, Pantorana Selonians, Besalisko, Drall, Kel Dor, Zeltrones, Nemodians, Skakotran, Zuns, Truns ', Yam' rii, Madalorians, Anodites, Cybertronians, Puppeteers from Pierson, Kzinti / Kzin, Protoss, Muunilinst, Geonosians, Skakoans, Tolgorians, Mandoriallans, Tamarans, Double Helix, Eyoka, Firekkan, Hari, Humans, Ka, Kilrathi, Ka, Kil Mopous, Mo , Sorn, Steltek, Utara, Varni and Wu.
3/12 c4 Mark1
Thank Tou for the chapter, please update again soon
3/11 c3 10Chronos0305
Well it is a nice story, although spelling really, really needs work. However the concept and plot, although part of it felt a little plagiarized, are great. I do feel that the Quarians are a little too accepting of the astromech, but maybe I just haven't read close enough. Overall, this story is a diamond in the rough, and it really needs polishing. I can't wait for the Council's reaction to the Republic.
3/11 c4 10Wanderer101
Great story but it would help if you seperate the dialogue instead of having it all in one single blockly paragraph. It makes it a chore to read and makes ut difficult to tell who's speaking.
3/11 c3 1Coment9
If so then why are there still separate organisations?
3/7 c1 Guest
This sounds a like anthor fic I read suspicion
3/7 c3 Guest
3/7 c3 Mark1
Interesting plot line... Please continue
3/7 c3 1billymom2
basically how thr force wanted the two orders
3/1 c2 Guest
To be honest, this feels sloppy. More like another shifty CW show and less practicality. The Republic make up is far do high a volume for a purely peace keeping force when there is no major war, and its governing system wouldn’t fly no matter how the liberals whined. Humanity should always put its self first just as all other species do.
2/23 c1 Mech178
And as I said, reviewing your writing is important as I made a mistake in my review, and now can not correct that mistake. XD
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