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2/23 c2 Mech178
Interesting idea for a story. Will be interesting to see where it leads to with the sith and jedi appearing to be less against each other.

One thing to check in the future would be to slow down when typing the story and review before uploading. Story has many grammatical errors disrupting the flow of the story when reading and at times seeming to be missing words. "Wait me at the hanger" really stands out as missing words. "Wait for me at the hanger" is really what it should say based on the context of the story. At the end of the story where Rael'Zorah is telling Tali "Tali, the others had arrived from their pilgrimage.", it feels wrong. Had implies that they arrived in the past, yet not context suggest that this is an event happening at this moment. Changing "had" to "have" will improve the flow of the sentence and the paragraph overall.

Really like the idea of this story, and it is shaping up to be quite different then most stories involving Mass Effect and Star Wars. Keep going with your idea.
2/23 c2 Harbringer27
I like that you've added characters from swtor into this story, also will the character be a force user?
2/23 c2 1Wizardwolf 1020
I hope the Jedi and Sith become more focused on in this, their battles are some of the most iconic in all of Star Wars and sci-fi in general, it would be a huge injustice not to give the Jedi and Sith more relevance for they’re what makes Star Wars so damn iconic and interesting. They’re so cool too and it would be awesome to see the Jedi and Sith have their war and the galactic governments end up getting dragged into it due to reliance and needing the support of the two sides.
2/23 c2 1Coment9
2/23 c1 Coment9
Soooo what’s what?
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