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for Using The Force Made Easy

5/23 c17 Desktopjesus
I reallyyyy need to see the reaction of the council to this. xD
The question of the force being used in sex would be hilarious.
5/7 c23 Guest
Great concept, very interesting.
5/9 c5 Drakolf
You know what? Your reasoning is quite valid and fair. Having familiar characters serves as an anchor for the story.
5/4 c23 Negro Force User
5/2 c23 mariankit36
Very cool
4/27 c23 Mayhem296
Holy shit! Love the story, it’s one of those ideas that is so simple that people overthink. But when you really think about it, it’s a really profound idea that would change that universe. Can’t wait for the next chapter!
4/25 c23 1Alehhandro

Looks like i'll be subbing to another of your stories.

It's intersting and full of cool speculative insight.

4/24 c23 3doraemax
Using the Force Made Easy...and made everything else Harder. haha
4/24 c22 doraemax
Heh, Tarot. One of the best way of fortune telling, in my humble opinion.
Plus, the cards are both cool can be use as weapon sometimes (Gambit).
4/21 c23 1avidreaded
Man, John's gonna hate when he has to file taxes
4/16 c22 mckertis
Apparently a "pretty good writer" still struggles to tell the difference between "your" and "you're". Shame, really.
4/16 c16 mckertis
I dont know a single one "pretty good writer" that has a need to declare "so-and-so POV" all the time. You're being lied to, kid, actual good writers actively avoid that shit.
4/15 c23 1Reina36
XD Delia just wants to be paid

thanks for the fic- I really enjoyed it!
4/10 c1 djon863
Awesome story
4/9 c23 1tpx1
great story!
please continue soon!
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