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for Max and the Murky Story

10/25 c1 HeyVen
I like all the logic! If you are looking for suggestions for stories I would like to read another from max's perspective!
10/15 c1 LunaWolf44
Max is so smart! I was upset at the show for making fall for
Lie-la’s so easily. This story totally helps redeem his character to the extreme.
Also, I’m excited to see Max figuring out that Hawkmoth is Gabriel.
7/8 c1 51Raye of the Sunshine
This is a story I love to come back to. Max has such a fun view of the world; it’s refreshing to read his thoughts! I hope he comes back in a future story. :D
5/11 c1 violet lilaccs
ooooooooooooo :o
4/14 c1 2Silvanon of the Orchard
I'm not sure I'd enjoy a really long story from Max's POV, but for this fic it really was quite fun.
3/23 c1 1geekqueen2010
Stories like this make me ship Maxinette for once! Granted, this is the second time I've read a story where Max is the hero that outs Lila's lies but still, if she can fall for Adrien due to an umbrella then she can fall for Max cuz he actually supported her inadvertently and did someone about Lila instead of implying her feeling didn't matter and that she was a nobody and to not do anything at all.
3/22 c1 Dwarrior
3/12 c1 Jani
Lots of fun! Love the point of view, too :)
3/5 c1 Guest
This is so great! I love reading Max's pov as much as you enjoy writing it!

I'd like to see a connected oneshot of this, maybe where he figures out Hawkmoth, but mainly where he figures out that he, like Hawkmoth, is a mere human prone to mistakes and irregularities and being an unpredictable wild card.

3/5 c1 4Swirlspot
Expelled? Oof! Lila really dug her own grave with that lie. (Why would anyone try to get out of lying by saying that they lied uncontrollably? It might get you out of trouble, but no one would ever trust you again!)

It did always surprise me to see Max so stubbornly agree with Lila. Such as that time she "saved" him from the napkin. (You had glasses Max! A napkin wasn't going to do anything to you!) It always seemed out of character for him. Or maybe it was all just peer pressure.
2/26 c1 3T'Lai
Your writing style really suits Max’s way of thinking and viewing the world. I think you captured him beautifully!
2/23 c1 Guest
Yes! Finally using Max's logic to out the liar!
2/25 c1 7Frosty Wolf
Max is usually an underutilized character, especially for a temporary Miraculous holder, so I like what you did here. Reminds us it doesn't take a main character to change things.
2/24 c1 6Daniel Letchford
I now want to read a max story where he figures out Hawkmoths identity
2/24 c1 340RicardianScholar Clark-Weasley
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