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3/28 c2 whatever177
While I love the idea of a crossover between Magical Diary and Harry Potter. The setup here does not work. The sixth year at Hogwarts is super important, and missing it means that Harry cannot find the Horexes. Of all the years the 5th year is the least important to the HP story. While yes that is early for MD, it can easily be overlooked.

Second HP in no way would get the special treatment that Gary did. Gary came from a super powerful family, with inherit magical advantages over others. Case in point anybody else trying to travel the otherworld, would instantly die. Even Grabby did not try until he had graduated. Bringing Ron, and Hermione, is acceptable, but by no means would HP be rooming alone.

Third the magic systems is very different, and exploring the differences is really worth investigating. In general I would say that MD magic is much more specialized, and stronger for it.
3/9 c1 1kitten198485
Love the premise, but am alittle annoyed its playing through like a walkthrough of Magicial Diary: Wolf Hall.

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