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for Soft Law

4/8/2020 c1 sarge1130
Such a sweet story. I love how Law is a softie for Luffy and how Luffy seems to be careful towards Law (careful in a way wherein he is not that noisy and persuasive just like when he is with his own crew). I love both of the crew's reaction upon witnessing something unusual (and something that will never happen even in a million years - lol) from their captains.
Thanks for the fluff :).
4/4/2020 c1 4Defenestrated-Nutter
I found this story really cute
Law as a softie for Luffy just hits differently. I also like the idea of them sharing a seat on Sunny's head, since I think it is the closest that Luffy has of something like his own private place around the ship.
Anyway, thanks for sharing this story!

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