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for Remnants of a Shinobi

1/18 c18 3TheElementalKing
This is awesome! So hard to find good Naruto RWBY crossovers. Keep it up!
1/15 c2 1shadowdawn7971
Qrow is not Amber's Uncle. The only people he is an Uncle to is Ruby and Yang.

Now if you had said Drunkle, I might have agreed with you.
12/17/2021 c4 daemon452
I was kind of looking forward to the plot. But this doesn't even really feel like a naruto story. He acts like a very very out of character naruto and that just isn't what I'm here for. Sadly it kind appears to be a theme of yours. But beyond that the writings good and the story wasn't horrible.
12/14/2021 c17 Kei Ambrose
Did you get inspiration from SAO abridged cuz that one part was reminding me of that one scene
12/11/2021 c16 Freddielebron
12/6/2021 c6 bankleo305
that was amazing
12/5/2021 c11 t0uch-m3
is that hooded guy fucking Uchiha Sasuke?
12/4/2021 c3 Yuan Villaceran
I've come to reread this. it never failed to dissapoint me. I hope you don't stop updating your RWBY Fics!
12/4/2021 c18 4Monster King
12/3/2021 c18 Crimson Riot 01
Raven está embarazada
12/1/2021 c18 1R-king 93
Awesome chapter
12/1/2021 c18 Cf96
Great job
11/30/2021 c18 13Yorae Rasante
I'll be honest. A bit disappointed by the lack of mention of Naruto's new tribe.
Was honestly expecting him to turn it into a brand new Konohagakure no Sato. so what if he could not take over the hat. He would make a new hat. With Maidens and Psychologists.

Expecting people to be preety pissed at Naruto when he remembers that he has mastered Wind Release and could make a tornado to follow them and keep them in the eye and away from the sands.

Also, the cloaked figure, which seems now to be the same that was talking to Cinder. At first I thought it was Kabuto, with the ashen skin and horns. Then he mentioned a vessel, so my thoughts jumped to Orochimaru, but Kabuto could just have learned it. But then... it called Cinder "mortal"... a piece of Black Zetsu that stuck in Naruto, too weak to fight on its own but spreading its influence and possessing people to be fight-worthy, perhaps? Or maybe that demon from the first Shippuden morie, Morioh? Curious.
11/30/2021 c18 peacebackreturn
while i don't like another character that was not from rwby or naruto butt in the stories like that (just like kiss of death, resident evil character came out of nowhere), it's quite a well done chapter, good job neon

still waiting for pyrrha and velvet appearance though
11/30/2021 c15 SubzeroLin
That last part of me wheezing since I have done that before. Not running away from someone I got pregnant, but then telling me to take responsibility or leadership and I nope out of ther
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