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for The Bullet and the Book

5/2 c1 Blaze Zion
These are the type of stories I love to read. I hope I can see your work in NovelStar. There are also a lot of talented writers in that platform. You may check their group on Facebook.
2/25/2020 c1 20GreenWithAwesome

like I already knew that but rereading is the chef's kiss. you've captured the characters so well, especially katrina, who just boldly leaps from the page, and I love the touches you made to tie everything together. elise's fairy tale book. cami's parents. even walter's guardian being apologetic; I can't help but feel sorry for the guy! it's so interesting that guardians don't always agree with their charge's actions. like ginger said, it makes me so curious about this afterlife world you've created. (and y'know if you want to write more I would never say no uwu)

I am so thrilled and humbled you decided to write this, and I have already saved it so I can read whenever I need inspiration. thank you so much, and this is amazing! keep writing :D
2/24/2020 c1 1GingersnapBeat
I know I already fangirled over this on Discord BUT now you’ve just given me an excuse to reread it and write an extensive review that won’t leave me feeling bad for assaulting everyone with a big block of spoiler text. Also I’m so glad you posted this because besides it being a great read, not to mention the only afterlife I will accept for these characters (still not sure I believe Green when she says Katrina and Elise got everything they wanted), I love reading fanfics of fanfics because they show how supportive of and inspired by each other the community is. It’s a pretty cool thing to see!

Anyway, I enjoyed this just as much as the first time. The voice of the piece felt very true to Katrina, and it was easy for me to view her as the same Katrina from tsats. You include fun details like the hairbow style on Aika and pink room, and Kat’s sass and concern for her friends is prominent. I love how she reacts too, like dying is an inconvenience that leaves her irritated but she takes it all in stride. No time for moping when she can do something!

Her asking to haunt Walter is a total mood. Not sure where he ends up in this afterlife, but maybe she can spent a few centuries following him while mocking how lame he is. Like, black cloaks? Really, Walter? How original. How gauche.

You already know I enjoy the whole library and books of life idea, but I also like how the afterlife seems to mirror each individual person. Katrina and Elise have different styled rooms that fit their personality, Roy’s guardian is missing his coat, the style and format of the life books differ between person, etc. It makes the world feel dynamic and unique (even if Elise’s fairytale book still really hurts to see).

“Her unspoken competition with Mimi to be the most fashionable and most pink woman in the palace” I never thought of this but holy moly there absolutely was a competition XD (Don’t worry, Katrina. Even though you never reached pink helicopter status I fully support you as the winner. Mimi could never!)

The guardians reading what’s going on and theorizing 100% reminds me of everyone freaking out over those last few chapters and I love it. “Nothing about this is okay!” “Oh god, don't remind me” and “don't talk about those stupid blueprints anymore, they've caused enough trouble” indeed. This whole fic is just one big mood.

I curious to how these guardians are chosen. Do they grow up along with their assigned person? Are they assigned to a new one after helping their person move on or something else? They mirror physical traits but the personalities seem different (poor Walter’s guardian, I feel for the guy. Good thing he gets to retire soon), so they are obviously their own person (er, their own angel?). It’s interesting to think about. The tidbit about their names was interesting, too. I love me some trivia!

Elise really did get the short stick, didn’t she? Great, now I’m sad again. But at least you did a great job at showing the potential for her to heal and be happy again. The autumnal forest was such a sweet and genuine scene.

I love how the Princess Diaries have become THE cinematic masterpiece of this universe. Even in the afterlife. Who would have thought?

Nothing you haven’t heard before, but very nice, I love it and give it ten out of ten moods.

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