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for Omen Mortis

5/1 c5 NazgulBelserion
Hmm this is a really interesting story I want more Mostly because it's not garbage slash like god there's so much slash in stories like these like so many awesome females and it's always slash
6/17/2020 c5 Nemhain2009
I’ve enjoyed reading your story
3/10/2020 c5 Guest
its aera not ardyn the villain here
3/10/2020 c5 Kilare T'suna
You say it's not fem ardyn. Yet a woman who wears the same clothes as him, and has the same facial features say otherwise. But I'll keep reading to see how this goes. I wonder how mad bahamuet will be when he learns Noctis is a champion of death and have no soul
3/2/2020 c4 5Chaks
Nice, cant wait for more chapters. Its a pretty interesting story.

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