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7/2 c13 Babon
Wow, en serio es un capítulo muy bueno al igual que la historia
6/15 c13 14dancingdeaky
Such a sad ending to a wonderful chapter! I'm so glad you're back in writing, I cannot wait to return to your excellent writing. Walter and Kuki broke up! I'm honestly amazed how well Walter took the break-up. He's honestly such a sweet guy, especially him having suspicions about Kuki and Wally too. Now we have to wait and see what's in store for Wally and Katie. Anyway, I'm excited for the next chapter!
6/14 c13 61imasmurf93
Aw poor Kuki. Walter's so nice. Hopefully Katie moves on soon too! Thanks for updating
6/14 c13 31zcross1997
I love it. The story still manages to remain consistently good. I love that Walter has a personality beyond just the perfect boyfriend. He handled the breakup gracefully and didn’t turn into an asshat. Keep up the good work, I hope the next chapter is up soon.
6/13 c12 Guest
6/9 c12 61imasmurf93
Eeek, I found this story the other day and it's all I could read. It's so good!
This chapter was adorable! I can't wait to see what decision kuki makes next.
5/25 c12 14dancingdeaky
This chapter was genuinely beautiful! Probably my favourite from the entire story! The depth and detail of their love with one another was truly written amazingly. Thank you, and I cannot wait for the next chapter!
5/24 c12 31zcross1997
Such a bittersweet chapter. I love it. I still can’t help but think that Wally has an ulterior motive for the gift.
5/5 c11 14dancingdeaky
Wow... such a bittersweet end to this chapter. Honestly, Katie's a wild one, especially here. I'm amazed how oblivious yet curious she is at the same time, especially with that question! I truly hope some sort of realisation for one of them occurs soon, since it's devastating having a perfect partner but being in love with someone else. Anyway, great chapter per usual and I can't wait for the next chapter!
5/3 c11 31zcross1997
When Katie asked Kuki if she’d date Wally, I got nervous. I really hope Katie doesn’t turn out to be pure evil the whole time.
4/30 c10 imbackforever8
I can't wait :)
4/14 c10 3ACanOfBeansOnHappiness
Good job! Hope chapter 11 comes out soon! P. S. Keep up the good work. P. S. P. S. I'm not very good at writing reviews. Sorry!
4/13 c10 31zcross1997
Poor Kuki. It pains to see her hurt like that. Luckily she does have Walter. In a way I do hope their relationships work out. I just hope Wally and Kuki can be happy.
4/12 c10 14dancingdeaky
What a sad ending to a bittersweet chapter! I totally forgot about Katie! Her and Wally are so alike, it's insane. The same really goes with Walter and Kuki, which isn't the best in my opinion; it's hard being with someone the same as you and more fun exploring with a person the opposite of you. I truly hope Kuki and Wally come to terms with that. Other than that, Hoagie was awesome in this chapter! He was his hilarious, dorky-self per usual. Ah, I love him! Anyway, can't wait for the next chapter!
4/12 c9 31zcross1997
I feel for Wally. But at least he’s respectful of Walter and Kuki’s relationship.
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