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for The Fire Still Burns

11/11 c8 RandomCoolGuy
Honestly, this is garbage as fuck but I like some of the ideas so I'mma keep reading lmao. There are some huge logic leaps that are happening in this fic and I can't tell if this is a crackfic or if it's for real. Either way as a story it's garbage but for entertainment its pretty good. Good job author!
11/4 c11 JackRaiden23
hmm... is he really balor? remembering how terrifying Shiki's eyes were
10/28 c23 Edward Ultimate
historia avanza lento pero seguro.
10/18 c16 Shen1412 - Formerly Enigma95
Angelica is here
10/18 c8 Shen1412 - Formerly Enigma95
Marry? Lol

Although i usually go for harem but for some reason i prefer if this was no pairings and just a good adventure

Well lets see how goes the forced marriage hahaha
10/18 c7 Shen1412 - Formerly Enigma95
10/18 c2 Shen1412 - Formerly Enigma95
10/17 c15 aGnamZer0
"Both tried to do their utmost best, but they couldn't find any weak spots in the others defense." How come Thalia can't find weaknesses in Shirou's defense? His whole style consists of purposely creating weak spots to better counter attack since he knows where the attack will come from. That's doesn't make any sense.

Same for him wanting to learn to fight weaponless. It's not because his enemies often throw away their weapons to fight with fists that he should do the same. He can just keep his swords and fight them when they are unarmed.

Finally, you often say that Shirou wouldn't survive without his tracing, but what's the use of this hypothetical situation when tracing is a full part of him. Shirou wouldn't be Shirou anymore without tracing, so why asking this question continuously?
10/16 c14 aGnamZer0
How didn't he recognize Hestia when he saw and her at the dinner and even praised her cooking. Same for Thalia, it's her that accompagnier him to Olympus.
10/16 c13 aGnamZer0
Personally, I'm not fan of Shirou x Artemis as she is the goddess of maidenhood and their relationship wouldn't lead to anything.
10/16 c12 aGnamZer0
So, what happened to Percy?
10/16 c11 aGnamZer0
Where did this portal that transported Percy come from? I don't think it came from this Julian guy – I really need to find ths Miyu-verse, either in game or anime because I'm a little lost to be honest – so who did this?
10/16 c10 aGnamZer0
Huh... Unexpected, I didn't expect Julian and Angelica to ally – or use, I've yet to decide – with the natives.
10/16 c9 aGnamZer0
Nothing makes sense anymore. I'm sure you remember how I was surprised he hadn't used Avalon when he was first injured after his fight against the Manticore? And how I had supposed he had never laid his eyes on it since he had said he had no sword which could heal him without asking a ridiculous prize in exchange. If so, then where the f*ck did he suddenly pull it off from? And why didn't he use it before? At least, I suppose if he constantly keeps Avalon in him, as it recognizes him as a owner, maybe he'll be able to have eternal youth even without becoming an Olympian god.

Aside from that, looks like Gilgamesh – or did he call he...her Angelica? – was also sent here. That's bad news for sure.
10/16 c8 aGnamZer0
I'm I admit disappointed he didn't accept Zeus' offer, pretty much exactly like I was when Percy did the same. It's frustrating. Worse yet, Percy at least had a reason, Annabeth – and helping the others demi-gods get claimed I suppose – but Shirou had no reason to refuse – besides being bound to Olympus, but it's not like he would have had to be under their order, especially since as a god maybe he would even have been able to copy weapon like Zeus' bolt and have much larger prana pool. I can certainly understand Zeus' rage as I feel the same.
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