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1/18 c1 Guest
it felt like you tried so hard to explain why his body is now capable of what it is that you overdid it so it became blatant bullshit. you tried but really there are no cigars within at the very least 100 lgihtyears
1/20 c8 Neoacoya1
Well, I'm glad you enjoyed writing it. I didn't enjoy reading it.
To be honest, it was a chore to read. Far too much information on the ship to be interesting.
Maybe the next one will move the plot forward a little more than this one.
1/14 c8 Blaze1992
Okay so far I really liked the extra details and added romance, granted I hated the part where you still broke 7's heart. Any chance during this go around that when he settles in on Bajor and DS9 he messages her and she chooses to go and live with him?

Also any chance of tech/ships/people/plot events from the star trek online game being used in this fic?
1/10 c8 1madsloth
I hope Dax is up for a good time...
1/9 c8 Veraq
While was born too late for TNG and so watched Star Gate and Andromeda rather than Star Trek, I've gone through large parts of TNG. I have kind of a love hate relationship with the show, kind of like Gothic, in that I appreciate the optimism and the ships, but find it painfully naive at times. A topic that Star Trek should have had a few episodes about was, if an action is truly good, if it has no cost to the one who does it. It's kind of a theme from what I remember (in more scifi than just Trek) that people make difficult decisions only for some inconceivable solution to undo all the negative consequences of that decision.
There is one episode of the Orville (and a similar one in DS9 from what I hear) that examplifies that perfectly: The crew has to decide if they give an innocent to an alien race to go to Space Guantanamo or risk peace talks breaking down. They decide that they have to do it, only to find out that the supposed innocent was guilty all along, dissolving the consequences of their actions and making a selfish and morally bad decision into a morally justified decision, which is total crap. Even more often it's the other way around where someone decides between morals and reward, chooses morals, and gets the reward anyway.
It's kind of like Gothic thinks, that the Federation sometimes acts like they have a divine mandate protecting them by virtue of being good (self-proclaimed) and protects them from the consequences of their actions. On the other hand, that divine mandate exists and is called author/plot armor, so they're kind of right.
Also, since I was a Star Wars fan first, I sorely miss space battles/ship porn in Star Trek.

As for the story so far, I like that Gothic wants his own ship and freedom. That's what I'd do in his situation, make my own island where I rule and find some adventure far from Star Fleet and politicians telling me what to do.
Being able to beam an unwilling person on board just like that from anywhere in orbit is utter bullshit by the way. The very first thing I'd get in that universe is a device to prevent beaming me without my permission. Just imagine being anywhere without shields (which is basically anywhere at all) and knowing that at any time, anyone who feels like it, could beam you into a cell, do whatever they want with you, and be nearly impossible to track, unless they mess up. Star Trek seems more and more like a horror franchise. In that case, Discovery is a meta-horror that's not about the content of the show, but the show itself (meta-horror) and secretly brilliant.
Let me just mention that talking about Keiko's mile-wide submissive streak and then moving on, is an annoying sort of teasing.
On the not-so-bright side, things seem to go a bit (or ten) too smoothly for Gothic at times.

One thing that I'm not sure how I feel about is, how stupid the Federations looks at times. I think that they are two main ways for a writer to treat plotholes and stupid aspects of the original work: One is to make fun of it's stupidity. The other is to explain it or change it, making it into an organic part of the story.
I think the first option is pretty lame and what you're doing feels like it has some elements of both, but isn't in one camp for now. Maybe I'm a bit oversensitive there, though, because I've read a lot of Naruto and Harry Potter fanfics and there are a ton that feel like "Haha, look how stupid the original author is"

I like the concept for Gothic's new ship, I actually knew that as the artillery ship from Star Wars: Empire at War, which I played a ton when I was young. There are few things more awesome than having a galactic empire and sending the Executor and a fleet of Star Destroyers into battle. That the ship lacks replicators is a nice touch. I assume that a transporter system would be too expensive, even if it is dead useful. The one thing, I don't like about it, is the cognitive interface, mainly because a) it looks like it is op and b) an important part of Star Trek (at least for me) is the crew and their interaction, which is pretty pointless when Gothic can do everything himself. I'm hoping he'll either get a larger ship with some proper crew and no cognitive interface, or have his adventures centered around the Enterprise, DS9, etc. where there are other characters for him to interact with. Thinking about that, something that I like about the concept of Star Trek is, how most of the cast have something they're more competent at than the others, giving everyone their time to shine and be important.
I also like that Annika decided to stay on earth. It always gets boring when the protagonist gets their way too often and too many characters is an easy way to kill any story.

Over all I've had a blast with this story. I especially like it as a way to experience the Star Trek universe that's a bit more mature and coherent, but also with a main character that fits well to my personal taste. So yeah, I'm looking forward to the next chapter.
1/8 c8 Svenion
like the story. as a causal fan of Star trek i find myself scrolling thru the EXTREMELY LENGTHY internal debates and monologues about this or that technology, and skipping to where he actually does something. I'd like to favorite the story, but at this pace and update frequency i doubt it'll ever be completed, which is a shame. hope you enjoyed the holidays.
1/8 c4 Svenion
of course he should hit Deanna
1/7 c3 Svenion
forget the swords. with his speed and strength, dual hatchets or axes is the way to go
1/3 c8 aaronwilliams525
if you continue to follow the last story you will soon have this gothic encounter the mistreated augment patients at the institute. perhaps build on that? like make him mention to the enterprise crew next time he meets them i was always disapointed that it was not used as one of his justifications for not wanting to live in the federation. Great way to develop the canon characters and give them more substance.
1/2 c8 Finder18
Awesome novel, its been a great read.
I was recommend this from a friend.
Im glad i took it,
Thank you and hope you have a great year.
Stay safe and wish you and your family the best.
1/2 c8 5LordBod1970
Nice chapter, loved it!
12/31/2020 c1 DevilishPotato
too much teasing, I always loved how Troi uses soft/thin dresses like Sundresses. it made her tits jiggle since it was obvious she didn't wear bras!
12/31/2020 c1 DevilishPotato
Even more handsome than Jense, damn! My boi gonn get those girls dancing around him naked
12/27/2020 c8 erik
An informational filled update. Thank you and the season's greetings.
12/29/2020 c2 1Saliient91
The repeat of Wesley walking in is great. The analysis on the Federation from the antiquated point of view is interesting too. Knowing the Star Trek timeline certainly helps put things in perspective too.
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