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for The Adventures of Augment Gothic

8/5 c27 XRaiderV1
sometimes, to do good, one must do evil. such is the way of the world.
8/5 c26 Artulyn
I'm reminded of a scene in Discovery when Michael is with her SO and things are getting hotheavy. I'm mentally going "cockblock in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0 ... well that's unexpected." because they were not interupted.
8/4 c27 evilstatistic19
Great chapter looking forward to the next one
8/4 c27 3Siblings Grimm
Great chapter! I always love section 31 stuff.
8/4 c27 cameron1812
Oh heck yes! Super satisfying chapter of combat and craziness! Love the breakdown of weapons testing and what his gun can do!
8/4 c27 Jose19
Gothic has to be careful with Section 31 the augments are blessed with intellect.

The intellect portion of their genetics was used by force in Star Trek into Darkness which they made Khan design their ships and weapons by him by holding his friends hostage.

Augments have a intellect and a ability to design powerful weapons ahead of their time they are a boon to any military power.
8/4 c27 harry uzumaki
Thank you for updating! Awesome chapter!
8/3 c27 3grovepjp
8/3 c27 areaderslist
Thanks for the chapter.
8/3 c27 shypunk
thank you for the chapter and for writing
8/3 c27 Kalstorm99
cool chapter.
8/3 c27 Nikkless
thanx for the chapter
and pity there wasent a lemon
8/3 c27 frankieu
nice chapter thx for writing it
fun time's seeing the mc cut loose abit on a mission during peace time's
nice loot with the ship semi blueprints should come in handy
8/3 c27 gardien1204
gothic suit reminds of glitch bob for somereason
8/3 c27 Trey of the rebellion
Wow! My man is living out his best Warhammer 40K Captain America Black ops life! Love the wrist blaster, can't go wrong with more weapons. The cleaners are interesting, are they going to be his lieutenants when Gothic forms his own army?
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