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for The Adventures of Augment Gothic

5/8 c12 BloodyParty
Awesome story
Can‘t wait for more
5/5 c12 4fvdv123
Funny fact, the Russians and the Afghans, the US helped against, a few years later your asses were getting kicked by the Afghans, with the weapons you have given them yourself. Rambo must be proud
5/5 c12 mr.grey23
I'm glad you decided to rewrite this, it's alot better while keeping to the original plot. The next part, and the 2nd run in with the collectors was one of my favorite plot points in the 1st half of the story. I hope you can improve the bajorian war by going into more detail without using flashback chapters like in the original version. I also felt you guys jumped the shark with the Klingon marriage.
5/2 c12 Reader
Hi this is a great story, please keep on updating new chapters thank you :)
5/4 c12 m-f42
I'll do it for 24,000 words but $10 a month is way too much; I'll happily forget this thread after.
5/2 c12 Guest
I figured I'd go by your patreon and throw you a few bucks to see this continue, as I really like these types of comical power fantasies from time to time. What do i see when I get there? $10? Per month? For the lowest tier? That amounts to $10 for early access to a single chapter after the first month, right? I guess it's due to the quality of your story and your history in the community that you have as many patrons as you do. I wish you good luck in the future, but I will not be contributing to your patreon as it sits.
5/4 c11 6Waki Paki
Personally, I would have called the ship The DeLorean, since it's the vessel for transporting an eccentric time traveler.
5/1 c12 reynold
thanks for the chapter
5/3 c12 stylo1
if gothics speed and reflexes are superior then he should have prevented the enemy from taking the box instead of just looking and doing nothing.

i think this story wouldve been better if gothic had taken a shuttle to that tech planet and then created his own ship. not only would he have had a ship that is actually usefull for more then transport you would also not have needed the patron god fuckery
5/3 c11 stylo1
shouldnt he have a totally new ship made on minosian? it feels like he is grabbing what he can hiding the rest and high tailing out of there
5/3 c10 stylo1
you repeat yourself quite often, giving the same information twice or blatently changing minor details as if you forgot you already talked about it. the first is much more prominent though
5/2 c12 Lord Mortensen
Cool! please update it soon!
5/2 c8 stylo1
i have trouble seeing how a planet can be considered a vacation resort. who in their right mind would travel weeks just to get to that nice stretch of beach while you prob can have the same on any good planet just not 'perfect', which is rather subjective
5/2 c8 stylo1
tbh i know very little details on star trek but a ship being 45m long seems positively tiny to me. but then a little shuttle can travel at warp 4 so obviously size means little in star trek. still it seems very small to me
5/2 c12 Chronus1326
Great chapter, thank you! I always thought Worf was too reserved on weapons expenditure, especially during an all out battle (as opposed to tit for tat firing). I often wonder why Riker didn't say something about 'don't stop until the enemy is no longer combat capable.' Adama had the better idea "commence enemy suppression barrage"
Hell yeah, thats whats up!
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